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    Re: Why Master Replicas suck...

    Well said Jeditricks.

    I feel the lightsabers are a different story. I know they will keep making them as long as people are still buying them. I mean, there are only a number of sabers throughout the films. When MR runs out, they will have to double up. I don't really have a problem with that. The slight modifiactions and improvements only help people who came to the game late get a crack at them and make them different from the early releases. I know the updated versions won't really affect me. The way I see it is that if I want a ANH Vader saber, I'll buy one. If they come out with another one (improved, enhanced, SE, EE, etc.) I don't feel obligated to buy it. As long as I own one version of it I'm happy. Of course, completists will want every single one from every single movie and more power to them. That being said, MR should never release something the exact same way it was released previously if it was a limited edition. In other words, don't release another LE, SE or EE and just slap on a different edition number. That would be unfair. I bought a stormtrooper ANH blaster but I knew they will eventually release every single movie version. Am I upset? Of course not, because they should come out with the different ones. If I had wanted a ROTJ one, I would have waited. Just don't make all three the same though.

    Personally, I like the way the FX lightsabers are being handled. They come out, people buy one if they want one, they aren't limited (you get a chance to get one for a long while) and they will get released again if demand comes back (windu for instance). That's a pretty good way of doing it. Not putting a number on them lets MR release them whenever they want and allows people to buy one at a reasonable price if they missed out. In the case of the supposed re-release of the FX Luke ROTJ, that's great for those that missed out and it looks like it will be improved upon.

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    Re: Why Master Replicas suck...

    Jeditricks I share the same opinions on collecting as you do. I agree with everything you just said in that post. That is why i told Art he needs to chill out because he seems to have a jaded sense of collecting. Yes its true to each his own, but you should not come here and force your opinions on us then take offense when everyone else gives you back their own.

    And FYI, i am E-D-U-C-A-T-E-D. BS Commercial Aviation from UND Aerospace.
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    Re: Why Master Replicas suck...

    Right on nash.

    artdoesart, I can understand you're frusteration. But you bought you're AT-AT because you wanted it right? Its a very impressive collectible, and you should be very happy (and excited) that you have one no matter which version it is. Not only that, buy YOU have the 1st Edition!

    example: I purchased MR's Darth Vader lightsaber LE from ANH when it 1st came out some years ago. And I was happy. But then MR goes and makes a versio from ESB and then ROTS!! At first I was miffed, but then I realized "I have Darth Vader's lightsaber. Thats cool! It looks awesome and I'm glad I have one. I bought it for me -thats all that matters. Who cares if anybody else has different versions. If they do then great."

    As far as Master Replicas goes: they're an awesome company! They are the best thing foing for Star Wars right now. They deliver an awesome, high-quality product that they stand by 100% and release their product on time! Yes they cater to Collectors as well they should.
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    Re: Why Master Replicas suck...

    I was a Star Wars freak when I was kid, I still have all my figures, ships and playsets from the 70's and 80's. When hasbro started releasing the figures in '95, I started buying evryhting I could get my hands on. I bought for the reason of reselling later on at some point. Granted I did buy one set for myself because , I had to have them, I bought another to sell to make money. I bought everything up to and after the release of TPM. I started to look around and found the values were dropping on everything I had. Except for some of the variations. When AOTC came out I was still going strong, but started to realize how many different Darth Vaders do I need, how many Lukes do I need ,etc. It was getting to much with so many figures many just on different cards. Now with three kids, it started to effect my wallet tremendously. With the release of ROTS I just said to myself I am only going to buy what I like. So I have only bought about 15 figures. Keeping it simple like when I was a kid.

    As far as MR is concerned, I have not bought anything from them because I can't afford it. I couldn't see spending $300 for a light saber. Granted they have some really cool stuff, and if I had the money I probably would buy a few items. A friend of mine has 4 differnt light sabers and they are really cool, but he has the money to spend. I have also seen in other threads, that there seems to be a problem with their customer service. So there must be a problem there. For the prices they charge, the customer should be the prioity. As far as limited additions go I agree that they should stop saying limited to 1000 or whatever they limit things to. Don't put a number, that way if they want to release more they can without P***ing people off.

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    Re: Why Master Replicas suck...

    Like most of said, I too do not collect for the sake that it is or could be worth something. I collect because it is fun to me and it is something that I like. I recently went out and bought my first replica saber and I absolutely love it. I bought it because it's fun, because it's something I have wanted ever since the release of the SE in the theaters and Sharper Image was selling the Icons version of Vader's saber. I personally don't care that there are other versions of it. I have it cause I like it.

    It is always cool to get a rare figure but in my case I do not go out of my way to buy a figure simply because it is rare. If I choose to go out and get a figure that is hard to find in stores then it's because it's really cool and I want it. There are a couple of SW and also Transformers that I used to collect, that were really rare but I didn't go out and hunt them down because I didn't really think they were all that special and didn't want them.

    I collect for me and only me. MR is a great company. What makes it great? The products and the customer service and the obvious customer satisfaction. Everyone that I know and have talked to that has a MR product has loved it and has absolutely no complaints. To say that they suck because they're re-releasing a popular product that had a good initial run to make a profit is asinine.
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    Re: Why Master Replicas suck...

    I understand your frustration guys. If I may make you feel better I'll tell you:
    1. Although the At-At is re-release, the base of yours is nicer than the new one.
    2. They are only 1000 of the edition of your AT-AT. There may be more editions, but yours is closed.
    3. At the end there will be only 2000 AT-ATs
    4. Not everyone can afford a $1000+ prop, so is not like everyone will have one.

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    Re: Why Master Replicas suck...

    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    One buys stock to make money, to see it increase in value so they can either reap dividends or sell it for a higher price, the value of a collectible that isn't going to be sold is exactly zip.

    Actually, I buy things ONLY because I like them, I bought Toy Fair Vader not because he was rare but because he was cool, now if an earthquake knocks mine down and ruins it I have no reasonable way to replace it. When Hasbro did the big clearance thing a few years back, I picked up tons of stuff I liked, both 4" figures and Micro Machines, I bought what I liked and even bought stuff I only sorta liked.

    Completely untrue. When the gold-plated Micro Machines special sets were $100, I didn't care, but when they were $15 I got 'em all. When I got the Riddell mini helmets, I got the first 2 at full price, and the last 3 on big clearance from KB's website, all 5 are precious to me no matter what they're "worth" on the aftermarket, and I hate hearing from collectors who missed out on these and can't enjoy them now because they're too expensive. Again, there's the last 3 Galoob Action Fleet - Jabba's Sail Barge, E-wing, and TIE Defender - where they were instantly super hard to find, I paid $20 each from Galoob direct and didn't even get boxes, but I was happy because I liked them, now that they're $500 a piece it only makes me sad for those who can't get 'em because they're so neat. For *you* the rarity is the good part, for me it'd be the AT-AT itself.

    Master Replicas said that they did limited runs basically because it was the nature of the beast, the limitation drove up collector interest which ensured enough buyers to make it possible to sell these expensive items. I understand that, but I don't have to like it, and it means I'll never get my hands on that ANH Obi-Wan saber.

    That's an unfair comparison, you aren't talking about paying 10 times the cost of the AT-AT to get it only to find out about a second run which wasted your money, the second AT-AT costs like $200 MORE than the first version, right? Even if it was the same price, you haven't lost a damn thing, you paid $1200 for a $1200 AT-AT, and since you're not going to sell it, the "value" cannot change for you because it's at its not going to see another monitary transaction again in your life. For me, I couldn't care d**k about the aftermarket value of a collectible, once I own the damn thing it's value is immeasurable no matter who else gets one - in fact, I come to this site to SHARE my love of collecting these trinkets, which I couldn't do if they were ultra-rare.

    What kills me is that I do find it somewhat frustrating to see MR produce a limited edition replica and then later down the road release another version with a slight change because it does seem to be breaking an unspoken covenant with the customer, but truth be told your arguments ring totally false for me as I'd be much happier if they never bothered with that "limited edition" nonsense in the first place, just make enough to satisfy initial interest and when more interest arrives, make more product to satisfy those customers too. Ultimately, my opinion of Master Replicas is that they are a pretty good company who makes some mistakes but is a lot better than Icons, for example, and with the amazing Force FX line makes a satisfying series of collectibles which nobody before had attempted, and for that I am incredibly happy they exist.

    I collect for me, not to compete with anybody else.

    Ok yeah right, your opinion is GODs word... I am sorry...

    Thanks for forcing your ideas on me I appreciate it... Anyhow the only good thing you said was about MR and how they make limited items them retool them and release them again... thats not cool... I don't care if I collect for this or that, screw it all... It boils down to principle if you say something to a man or to a friend or give your word you should keep it! No ifs buts or whatever, no fine print either... Retooling is BS...
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    Re: Why Master Replicas suck...

    Quote Originally Posted by pmrjulio
    I understand your frustration guys. If I may make you feel better I'll tell you:
    1. Although the At-At is re-release, the base of yours is nicer than the new one.
    2. They are only 1000 of the edition of your AT-AT. There may be more editions, but yours is closed.
    3. At the end there will be only 2000 AT-ATs
    4. Not everyone can afford a $1000+ prop, so is not like everyone will have one.
    Thanks for your understanding ... but like I said it doesn't matter if its still limited a "promise is a promise"... What next ELITE EDITION ATAT in gold? Why not?

    Dont matter MR claims to be in reconstruction and new management but I highly doubt that. I am sure its under new ownership and thus changes have been made... No more 3 helmet for the prop helmets in production, only one now with a late release. Snow Speeders pushed back to late fall (probably didn't fill enough orders). MR I think is going down so there is not much for them to do but rehash old molds.

    When MR first came out their first production item was the ROTJ Luke saber and they didn't touch it once it sold out for years. Then they come out with Elite Edition like 5 years later or more... The At-At got rehashed in like months! Why? Probably because the AT-AT was their best selling item in years, just look at how poorly their other items are doing, it took them over 1 year to sell out their Yoda Sabers and even had to send out a BLAST email to get rid of the rest to those associated with the society. The latest release the Snow Speeder? That thing didn't get nearly the same response at the AT-AT did and even 8 months later is still sitting there and the release date is pushed back... So why not come out with the AT-AT retooled the mold is done, the packaging done just another way of making another way of making a gross revenue of 1.4 million to last them another year or 6 months.

    Also look at their other licenses the Shrek stuff has been sitting there for ages, the Disney stuff as well, the Alien Predator stuff. All of this came in the last 2 years or so, I think they got in way over their head and now are in a bit of a jam.

    Anyhow my 2 cents...
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    Re: Why Master Replicas suck...

    The fact that not everyone ageees with you does not mean that one or the other are wrong.
    That's the idea of this forum, create discussion.
    Please, do not think anyone is "pushing" their ideas or imposing views. We are just discussing your views and our take on those.
    I personally will continue with MR, as is the one that provides the products that I want to buy.
    The only other options that I have are: other "saber" builders, as Parks, which do an excellent job, but take a loooong time to build the sabers and do not fulfill all my needs, stick with Hasbro and plastic props, which as you said are also "double-crossers" or whatever you want to call them, or go to Home Depot and build a hardware saber.

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    Re: Why Master Replicas suck...

    Artdoesart, you REALLY need to take a step back. You keep saying that people here are "forcing" their ideas on you. Who's the one who started this whole thing trying to get everyone here not to buy MR products? Give me a friggin break man, youve got to be kidding me.
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