Master Replicas sucks because:

I am so sick of companies whether they are small "knock-off" companies or large corporate giants like Hasbro or even Master Replicas producing items they claim to be exclusive or limited and then produce more of that very same item with slight changes or "signatures" as a way to create more revenue.

Case and point the "Hasbro Episode One Sneak Preview Figure" of Mace Windu, they claimed these were exclusive to those who followed there little game of buying 5 figures and sending their UPC codes in to get this figure. They ranted and ravved that **** figure would be exclusive to this offer. So everyone is out getting Mace, then like a year later you see the Star Wars Shop (formerly the Star Wars Insider) selling these figures or giving them away with purchases of $50 or more of something like that... So true collectors who bought additional figures for their damn UPCs got "screwed" thus the figure became "junk status" or that of the "peg warmer".

In Master Replicas case, I am really ****ed and will never buy another item from them again.I will tell everyone I meet not to buy their stuff and go for like Code Red or some other competitor who has better ethics and doesn't claim to be a true "Collector's Product" who's sole intention is profit. Case in point the recent release of Master Replicas prop replica the "At-At". They said this was limited to 1000 pieces, and why not the damn thing was $1200. I was an idiot and bought one. I figured this made a great item to my collection and it was limited to 1000 pieces, not only that they almost sold out in the first week! I was so excited for this thing, I felt like a kid again...

During this time I thought MR was a great company, a true collectors producer of great collectibles. They had never reproduced any of their items in the past even the popular ANH Han Solo Blaster which sells for nearly 500%+ on ebay (sold for like $300 when it came out my friend stupidly bought one for like $1600 on eBay). Then while I am waiting for delivery on the At-At I see MR producing the famed ROTJ Luke Saber (again!) which is one of their more popular items. Again this item came out for a few hundred but was selling on eBay for even like $2000 at times, again I know this out of experience. The reproduction of this saber was being re-released since they claimed it was some "special version" made with like Stainless Steel and better material. This re-release made the past ones pretty much junk, not only could you buy them for a lot less than the original but they were much nicer and thus drove the old one down in value.

After this I sort of got thinking about MR and was thinking all the money I have spent buying their stuff, or waiting for this or that or hunting for their past sabers like the Signature Series David Prowse ANH Saber was all a waste. What is to stop them from remaking and re-releasing all thes sabers agian with some "bs" reason and call it something else?

Then I get my At-At's and what do you know last week MR annouces they are coming out with a Signature Series At-At. This is funny though since they have made Singanture items in the past I bet they thought to themselves people won't care... especially those who already bought it. However if you look in the past MR has NEVER released an item that had a Signature Series that was not released at the same time as the non-Signature Series. Take for instance the Darth Maul Saber. When that came out you could buy one or the other. But with the At-At they represented it as some exclusive item limited to 1000 pcs and thats all... There were no indications of re-releases especially so quickly...

I don't mind so much the additional production, however if you are going to claim to sell only 1000 pcs don't produce 1000 more with some stupid little addition as an excuse to produce more. I would rather you say limited to 2000 pcs from the get go, but then I guarantee you then if there were 2000 made they would not have sold out so quickly and may have sold even less.

Now I am starting to feel like I have been hood-winked or tricked which really sucks. I was one of the 1000 who bought this damn thing the day it came out for sale, and then got this damn email about some signature series. I think this is a total slap in the face for everyone who bought the At-At. To be honest I want to sell my junk but people are already selling them on eBay for as low as $700 I have seen (not speaking of the prototype At-At that was defective from MR on eBay).

Now I am questioning the thousands I have spent on MR collectibles which I surely know now will be re-released one way or another. Its just a matter of time when MR needs some additional revenue. But I assure you they will come out with everything again, new color, new materials, sig series, new base, etc... who knows what they will dream up.


To be honest I don't intend to sell any of the collectibles I collect, I have no intention of profiting from my collectibles. But as a collector exclusivity and production and value are key. It feels much better when you know the items you have, have gone up in value, for the geek you can compare it to buying stocks. I love this stuff, but if it was worth pennies, I don't think anyone woudl collect any of it, because then everyone could buy it, then that item would not be exclusive and would be junk. Having limited runs, limited production, higher prices, makes collectibles worth collecting and more fun... MR has just ruined that. If you don't see whats going on I feel for you.

I am just a disappointed collector who thought MR was a company made for collectors run by collectors when in fact they are merely a small Hasbro... For this same reason I stopped collecting 3 3/4" figures after EP1, you can ask SSG himself. I just got sick of the lies...