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hi lukespop, this Luke ANH EE is my first full size prop. I have 10 minis which is what i started off buying. Then my wonderful girlfriend convinced me that instead of spending $400 on minis, i should just get a full size. Im really happy with the ANH EE as this is my all time dream lightsaber. Ive wanted one since i was a very small child and now i got one. My next conquest is goign to be the Obiwan TPM EE for sure, and I will hold out on the ROTS Anakin and Obiwan until next year when im sure their prices will fall dramatically due to their large edition size.

Or maybe ill just make my collection with EE only hehe. Not likely
Your girlfriend suggested you buy the full size? Dude, hang on to that one! Where did you hear they are going to make a EE obi-wan? Buy the way, I've got a full scale obi-wan ROTS and it is totally worth the $350 I dropped on it. I highly recommend it. Maybe your girlfriend will too!!