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    My votes for the B-wing or A-wing pilot. If you didn't have the vehicles (which I didn't) their playable is pretty low. Other bads ones were Ben and Tusken Raider (bad legs) and FX-7 (the arms).
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    Hmm....well, back then it wasn't so bad...but just look at Chewbacca now. No.....I mean reeeeeeally look at him. Now do something totally unfair and hold him up to the 25th Anniversary Chewy........and finally, look at him again and stop laughing.

    Lando Jefferson blows.

    Hoth Luke and Han's face are ridiculous.

    Hammerhead's turquoise one-piece is disturbing.

    ............and Bespin Leia's legs are too thin.

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    Worst Figure IS...

    it's definitely that BIG HEADED original Han Solo! ACK...Sputtttt....ooogggg

    Thank the maker I have the small headed one!
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    Han Solo w/ big head. I think it is just a horrible figure.
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    Frumpy Hoth Leia


    Pudgy TIE pilot (did Porkins switch sides?)

    Stickers for bodies R2 and R5-D4

    Big Headed Han

    Hoth Han with his big furry hood up and his goofy hand pose

    The retractable sword trio of Ben, Luke and Vader (what a goofy gimmick)

    bULL nECK Han in Carbonite

    Cruise Missile Trooper (it sucks so bad it transcends toy lines!!)

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    Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi

    Cruise Missile Trooper (it sucks so bad it transcends toy lines!!)
    What WAS that monstrosity anyhow? What on earth was Hasbro/Kenner thinking when they made that thing? And is it even part of the expanded universe?

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