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    Which movies do you want to see made?

    With all of the hype about the prequels, and the LOTR, and Spiderman, which movies based on comics, fantasy, sci-fi, video game, or whatever would you like to see get made?

    I personally would love to see The Incredible Hulk, (which I hear is in negotiation), and why isn't George starting on Indiana Jones 4. That's what I want to see get made.

    As for books, a DragonLance Trilogy would be cool. But only the first three books in the Chronicles series. Everything else is backstory info. Also The Wheel of Time could make a great series and also The DeathGate Cycle.
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    Re: Which movies do you want to see made?

    Originally posted by SithDroid
    I personally would love to see The Incredible Hulk, (which I hear is in negotiation)
    Its in the works,Eric Bana is the Hulk can we all say "this is going to s**k?"
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    Re: Which movies do you want to see made?

    Originally posted by SithDroid
    why isn't George starting on Indiana Jones 4. That's what I want to see get made.
    He has hid hands full with casting boy bands for Star Wars abd then cutting them out. with the Star Wars prequels.

    I'd like to see a movie made by that haunted painting that was sold on ebay. The one with the boy and the doll.

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    Dragonlance would be cool, and hopefully a lot better than the abysmal Dungeons & Dragons film. Flint Fireforge and Tasselhoff have always been some of my favorite fantasy characters.

    Since LOTR is doing so well, maybe Peter Jackson will go back and make The Hobbit after all this is over.

    GL doesn't plan to start on Indy 4 until after Ep3 is done, which is strange since he made Raiders in between ESB and ROTJ. Age must be slowing him down.

    Since my lifelong dream of seeing Spider-Man brought to the big screen is being realized, I don't really have any comic book characters I would like to see made into films right now. Most are already in the works anyways, for better or worse.

    I would say Watchmen, but only if someone has the cajones to do it right.
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    i'd like to see a remake of ayn rand's 1948 film "the fountainhead" and i'd love to see her masterpiece, "atlas shrugged" on film. a movie would be great, but i'd really like to see this get the HBO mini-series treatment ala "band of brothers".

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    I have high hopes for X2 and I had high hopes for Daredevil...

    I'd like to see that Ghost Rider flick get done, and done well. Also, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and a new, good, year one-esque Batman. Watchmen, but only if I, or Alan Moore directed.

    Chronicles would be nice, but it seems to me that they'd gear it more towards kids then LOTR, which wouldn't be all that bad.

    I'd say Indy 4, but Harrison Ford is almost 60 years old, and I don't have much faith in Lucas or Spielberg these days. (I still love Spielberg's work, but I can't get over A.I., and that new one with Tom Cruise looks kind of dumb.)

    A full-length "Tick" movie would be awesome. Have the main villain be Chairface, and you've got yourself a winner.

    I liked the animation on "Final Fantasy," but the movie was just bad. Even though the games are never "in-line" with one another, the always had the same feel. The movie could've been called "Cow wars" and it wouldn't have lost anything. So a movie based on one of the games with that animation would be really good.
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    Odd as it may sound, I've always thought Milton's Paradise Lost would make an awesome flick.
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    there was a sci-fi novel, I think back in the mid-70's, called "Weatherman" about - you guessed it! - a man who discovered a means to control the weather. I thought I'd heard that it started production as a movie, but that was years ago. I never found out what happened to it. I would still like to see it.

    I'd like to see the novels Society of the Mind, and Timeline made into films. If you've not read these, they're great books.
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    The Hobbit
    A new Batman (back to the gothic style, of course)


    Indy 4, assuming they get to it very soon.

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    The last miniseries version of DUNE got close, but to do it right, it needs to be a television series.

    I started work on a TICK feature, but then somebody got the bright idea to screw it all up with that lousy live action show. Oh well.

    And there's this idea floating around, of having a boy band play intergalactic warriors...


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