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    Everything You Ever Wanted To Know with and without the Major Spoilers

    I'm lost with all these new spoiler reports. I'm really curious if they are real. I have a real challenge for someone out there that is feeding other sites pics and info. My challenge is that you give me pics and info and I will believe what is being said is real. Heck I even promise not to post my info unless you give me permission to. But whoever is making what appears to be fake spoilers should email what info they have to me, scripts and pics help out as well.

    What do you guys think?
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    even when the story boards of the jango/obi-wan fight and the mace/jango fight were leaked out, half the people here said they were fake, but they proved to be completely true.

    i'm thinking most of what we've heard leaked about episode 3 is true. the spies just don't get paid enough to keep their mouths shut. extras, lowly interns, temporary CGI artists, set builders all are major sources of leaks who really have nothing to lose.

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    Okay....this is what I have compiled of a ton of stuff posted around the 'net. I have know idea how much is real, made up, or just fanboy dreamin'. I'm not sure if it's in exact order either. I've taken ideas from Episode-X, TF.N, and even some info from private emails that were posted online. I am not trying to take credit for ANY of this information, I'm just posting what rumors/spoilers I've collected, and tried to put them in order.

    First off. There are NO scenes with Boba Fett. Sorry.

    Palps is a prisoner of war, being "held" by Dooku and the Seperatist Army. Anakin and Obi-wan go to rescue him in their Jedi Starfighters, along with many other Jedi Pilots. Obi-wan is on a collision coarse with the Capital ship. Anakin takes out the sheilds, saving Obi-wan from certain death. They find Dooku holding Palps. Anakin takes out Dooku fairly quickly this time, and in front of Palps...much like the Luke/Vader ROTJ duel..only Dooku loses his head. Meanwhile Obi-wan finds Shaak Ti, and watches as she is executed with her own saber by a cyborg named General Grievous. Obi-wan attacks and battles with Grievous. The Captial ship starts to break apart, and is heading into Coruscants's atmosphere. Grievous escapes, and Anakin manages to land what's left of the ship safely. Coruscant has a Fire Department, and we see them in action.

    (General Greivous arms split in 4. He's been described as Robocop, meets IG-88, with some Vader mixed in. He comes in again later in the story.)

    Padme is planting the seeds of the rebellion in her apartment with Bail Organa and Mon Mothma.

    Anakin doesn't receive the praise he expects after saving the Supreme Chancellor, and gets fed up with the Jedi Council. Palps convinces Anakin that the Jedi are corrupt and need to be taken out. Anakin sides with Palps and leaves the order. He tells Padme what's happened, and that he's leaving on a mission from Palps to Mustafar.

    Mace goes to confront Palps about Anakin's decision. Mace and Palps wind up fighting for control of Anakin's allegiance. Mace trys to block as much lightning as possible, and is losing. Anakin, shows up behind Mace giving him a false sense of hope, and finishes Mace off, by stabbing him through the back, completing his turn to the dark side.

    The Jedi Purge begins. General Grievous, leading the Droid Armies, attack the Clones in one of the largest land battles ever seen. Grievous, goes after Obi-wan. Grievous pulls out lightsabers he's collected from fallen Jedi (Shaak Ti's is one of them), and taunts Obi-wan into a duel. Obi-wan gets the best of him, and winds up using a blaster to the guts to end their fight.

    At this point, the Clones turn instantly on their Jedi leaders, killing them off. A Clone Commander Obi-wan befriends, that looks exactly like Jango (of course they're Clones so why wouldn't they), attempts to kill Obi-wan, and much to Obi-wan's dismay, has to kill the Clone.

    Meanwhile, Anakin and a group of Clones wipe out everyone they see in the Jedi Temple, including younglings. We'll only see Yoda and Obi-wan watching security tapes of Anakin's slaughter later on, so the violence is implied instead of shown onscreen.

    Anakin goes to Mustafar, a lava planet, also where the final duel takes place. He's sent by Palps to wipe out the Seperatist leaders that are left, Wat Tambor, Nute Gunray, San Hill, etc.

    There is a battle on Kashhyyk, the Wookiees planet. General Yoda leads the charge against the Seperatists there. We see the Wookiees using many different kinds of technology. Chewie saves Yoda from the now turned Clones, and they return to Coruscant.

    Yoda, back on Coruscant, goes to visit Palps, after he meditates, and figures out Palps' plans. Their battle of the Force begins. Palpatine's face changes to the "old" emperor every time he uses force lightning. Palps eventually beats Yoda.

    Padme, knowing Anakin's whereabouts tells Obi-wan, and goes with him to try and "save" Anakin. Anakin, angry that Padme "betrayed" him, Force Chokes her, and throws her against a wall, knocking her unconscience.

    The DUEL takes place over many areas of Mustafar. Obi-wan gets the best of Anakin, chopping off an arm, maybe both. Anakin falls into a crevasse due to an eruption/earthquake. Obi-wan tries to save him, but Anakin refuses his hand, and falls into the lava.

    On the Tantive IV, Padme is dying, and is about to give birth, prematurely. They land on a NEW planet. Padme needs medical attention, and she won't last until they reach Naboo or Alderaan. This is where Bruce Spence's character comes in. They've been described as similar to the alien from Close Encounters (more so than Kaminoans I guess). Padme asks Obi-wan to take the children, but not to tell them about Anakin's turn to the dark side. She dies shortly after their births. Yoda, Bail, and Obi-wan decide what to do with the children. Yoda uses an Escape Pod, and takes off to Dagobah until he is needed again. C-3PO has his memory wiped by Bail, so Leia's secret can't be revealed by accident.

    Anakin, what's left of him, is brought into a lab, and is fitted with cybornetic parts. Palps is there when Anakin wakes up. Anakin asks about Padme, and Palps tells him she's dead, because of him. Anakin goes into a rage, and rips apart the lab and everything in it using the Force. (Anakin will most likely look like we see him in ROTJ after Luke removes his mask...Vader suit, except from the nose up..bald head, scarred face, etc).

    The finale is Bail Organa with baby Leia on Alderaan, Obi-wan on Tatooine leaving Luke at Owen and Beru's, and Palps, Tarkin and Vader, standing on the bridge of a Star Destroyer looking out, as the construction begins on the first Death Star.
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    From what I have heard Anakin loses his leg in the duel.

    Everything else seems somewhat acurate but some of the events may appear in a differnt order, at least from what I have heard myself.

    And where did you get these e-mails from. No one gives me any secret EIII e-mail.
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    Interesting story there, Darth Chuck. Sounds pretty cool to me. We'll have to wait and see how much of that turns out to be true!
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    If that's the story, then all is lost. Lucas will have succeeded completely in going down the darkpath himself by utterly giving away every single surprise from the OT. Of course, not that it matters much. He's already blown continuity and Episodes I and II pretty much give away too much already. The end result is that these can never really be seen in Episode order without having a completely boring second trilogy.

    For the sake of the saga, I hope that the above "spoiler" is 100% fabricated.

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    Well I couldn't give 2 squirts about preserving any secrets. Hey, I had to watch these in order of release so future audiences can do the same. To hell with them. If they're too lazy to note the historical order of release and watch them that way, then I don't care if they are "surprised" by anything at all.

    That being said, I have my own BIG reservations about Episode 3 and most of it centers around General Grievous. If all of this is true, I think he is completely unneccessary and will possible dilute Episode 3.

    I've been pretty "rah-rah" about the prequels so far but I'm nervous about this one. Could be a step down from AOTC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    That being said, I have my own BIG reservations about Episode 3 and most of it centers around General Grievous. If all of this is true, I think he is completely unneccessary and will possible dilute Episode 3.
    I'm with you there. Adding another generic bad guy to the mix? What for? It is entirely unnecessary. Had George to do this all over again, he should have made the Maul character more than an impulsive pitbull and created a character which combined the traits of Maul with Dooku who escapes Naboo at the end of TPM, returns in AOTC to do all the necessary political stuff, and then can be dispatched easily by Anakin in Episode III as a kind of final revenge against the guy who initially rescued him from Tatooine (Qui Gon). But instead, it's just another in a line of bad guys who need to be killed before Episode IV rolls around. >yawn<

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    Yeah, that's how I feel, too.

    I like Maul in TPM. Put him out there as a bad guy to get killed and have a happy ending while his master goes on to the next film. Cool. 10 years later we have Count Dooku in AOTC. STOP RIGHT THERE ! ! ! HE'S PERFECT ! ! ! Let him survive AOTC and then get killed in Episode III by Anakin. Have Anakin kill him to take his place at Sidious' side and STOP. That's all we need for bad guys. After Dooku is dead, the only bad guy we should be focused on is the Emperor.

    Sidious/Dooku and then Sidious/Vader in the same movie is plenty of 'bad guy' for me.

    We'll see.


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