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    Open VOTC figures?

    So I pretty much skipped the VOTC line b.c of the $10 price tag and the fact that I'm an open my figures guy. I kind of figured that since the whole point of the VOTC figures was that they were on the old vintage package, so you should keep them and display them that way. So here's my dilemma, I've just realized how nice these figures apparently are loose, so I've been thinking of opening my one VOTC figure (Obi-Wan), and starting a search for the rest. SO what does anybody else here do? Are these meant to be opened and displayed/played with?

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    Re: Open VOTC figures?

    I have mine MOC, because all my figures are MOC. I say to each his own, if you enjoy them opened, then so be it. I also have 2 sets of these. I grabbed a bunch on clearance after Christmas for 3 bucks a pop, so it made it easy. 1 set will always stay closed. I would hunt a set down if I were you.
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    Re: Open VOTC figures?

    I'm a loose collector, yet oddly I haven't been able to bring myself to open these - yet. I've had them all lined up on my shelf since I got them, they make a beautiful background behind my loose ROTS figures.

    I'll get to opening them some day, I've been thinking about it a bit recently. Apparently the Stormtrooper out of the package is a collector's dream - while C3PO is fit for the garbage can. I'd personally seek out reviews of each of the figures in the "reviews" section on this site (you'd have to set the filter to go back quite a ways, but they'll all be there I'm sure) to see what folks think of each one.

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    Re: Open VOTC figures?

    Yeah i've been wanting to open mine too lately...I picked them up because I remember when the original figures were in the stores and when I saw these new ones it brought back a ton of memories...but the ONLY reason that I keep anything boxed or carded for any long period of time is for trade or re-sell potential later...and most everything I collect I open them, cause i'd rather set up displays and dioramas, but if this VOTC line isn't gonna pick up much in value, then I may as well open them...or at least open a few of them and trade of the crap ones like the c3po...but i would have to feel real bad about having $120 tied up in 12 loose action figures.

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    Re: Open VOTC figures?

    I opened them all, not many are really that rewarding to open for display-n-play purposes though as their close-legged sculpts and absolute-neutral poses and other small issues don't fit well with how real people stand. (This works with the vintage feel though, but I haven't really found a place for them in my regular collection yet.) I opened them by slicing the bubble at the sides and bottom but not the top, so I can fit the figure back onto the tray and slide that back into the bubble, and once inside the protector you can't really tell they were opened.
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    Re: Open VOTC figures?

    I am a fierce KOC kinda guy any way, and if any line was made to have a set strictly to keep unopened it was this line. That's why I did (Kinda) what Kidhuman did.. I bought one to KOC and then picked up some on clearance (Though the ROTJ wave never made it to clearance around here). Funny, I still have't been able to bring myself to tear the spares off of those glorious Old school cards!
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    Re: Open VOTC figures?

    originally i was going to keep them all on the cards even though i'm usually a loose collector. however, because i never found a Vader, i opened up a few of them...yoda, boba fett and stormie. the last two are good ones to open though in my opinion, the stormie isn't nearly as poseable as the SA 41 clone or even the #6 quick draw. plus the holster on the side is useless since the blaster doesn't even fit into it.

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    Re: Open VOTC figures?

    I bought Luke and Obi Wan, and Im now searching for the rest, but I kept them carded, but Im a strictly MOC collector, unless I get 2 or 3, then Ill open one of them up...

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    Re: Open VOTC figures?

    Shammykenobi put it best. I just dont want to have $120 worth of 12 loose figures. The Obi-Wan I have already is going to stay on the card, and I can hopefully get the ones I want (Boba Fett and Stormtrooper) loose from ebay for less than $10. I'm all for this line coming back, as long as the price is better. I have seen all of these at one point or another in stores, so next time I think I'll pick them up.

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    Re: Open VOTC figures?

    Of all the figures in that line Obi-Wan was the one of the worst! Second only to C-3PO. Out of the package he is one of the most dissapointing.


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