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    Re: MR display stand ?

    Yeah, all of them come with the display stand except MR's first released FX saber. (Anakin from AOTC) The stand is located inside the box.

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    Re: MR display stand ?

    my Luke ROTJ didnt have one either

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    Re: MR display stand ?

    Quote Originally Posted by DXiRoNMaN
    my Luke ROTJ didnt have one either
    Hmmm, that's interesting. I could have sworn mine came with one. I do remember buying 2 extra display stands for my 2 Anakin AOTC FX lightsabers though. But the other 6 all came with one if I remember correctly. Just a side note, I have 2 of every FX saber released so far. I bought one to display and one to keep unopened MIB. I'm thinking about selling my doubles if anyone's interested. PM me if you are.

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    Re: MR display stand ?

    the initial Luke's didnt have them. you'll see most on Ebay have the stands.
    Yeek you have an extra ep3 anakin?


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