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    New Vader LE ROTS

    what do you guys think of the new lightsaber? would it have much detail (such as a detailed emitter in the hole as in the esb version and etc.), is the esb one better than it in detail? I wanted to know this before I buy this saber. This is random but speaking of sabers, wouldn't the esb one be a more superior version since its way later after rots and vader would probably improved the whole thing?
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    Re: New Vader LE ROTS

    Hello epszdevilninja, welcome to the boards! The upcoming ROTS Vader LE is a nice replica. Worth getting if you dont have a Vader LE yet.

    Personally, I'm passing on the ROTS Vader LE for now, cause I already have the ANH version. If you only want one, just decide which one you like the best. If you happen to like "Empire" then the ESB one might be your favorite.
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    Re: New Vader LE ROTS

    oh ok, I guess I'll be getting the ROTS one then, it seems more unique to me for some reason...but I certainly do hope that there'll be an elite edition of vader's saber in the future...
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    Re: New Vader LE ROTS

    Someone in another thread pointed out that the ROTS saber is vastly different from any other Vader movie saber, sure enough he was right, from afar it's got the same basic look but really it's totally new and different.

    For myself, I like the ANH version the best, the emitter shroud and bubble activation module are my cup of tea. The ANH and ESB versions have very similar shapes, the ESB version has slightly different details and its grip area covers slightly more of the hilt, but they seem to share the same emitter shroud. The ROTJ has that weird lippy thing for an emitter shroud, and the ROTS version's details are all just a tad too "off" for my tastes (especially that weird shroud, it's better than the ROTJ to me but still really odd I think).
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    Re: New Vader LE ROTS

    Hey, I'm new to this forum and love MR products. I like all versions of Darth Vader's saber, but I'm actually holding out for the Episode VI, Return of the Jedi version (assuming that MR is planning to produce it at some point). I like that lightsaber model the best because the of the bold, black screws in the hilt. I think it also looks a bit more "evil" than the ANH and ESB versions.

    I'm not sure I like ROTS. I think the overall design is cool, and definitely is consistent with other Vader versions, but the issue I have is that it wasn't actually portrayed in the film. I'm not really sure where this design came from. Anakin surely didn't have a chance to construct this saber himself. Yes? Just my opinion.

    That's all I have to say. Just food for thought in case you were undecided and wanted to wait and compare ALL Vader's saber versions before making a commitment and spending a significant amount of money.

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    Re: New Vader LE ROTS


    I never saw the new Vader Saber in ROTS. It is my personal opinion that if your going to spend the $, the prop should at least be seen in the movie. I'd go for ANH or ESB. Just a thought.
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    Re: New Vader LE ROTS


    Just learned that the ROTS version does exist but never made the final cut. I guess it is suppose to show up on the DVD.
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