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    Help Me Please!!

    I need help on a decision... Should I put fireworks into my painting??:

    I was thinking of something like these:

    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: Help Me Please!!

    negative, leave as is
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    Re: Help Me Please!!

    I agree with KH I say no fireworks.

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    Re: Help Me Please!!

    Fireworks all the way ! ! !

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    Re: Help Me Please!!

    hmm.. two no's and a yes.. What I think im going to do is paint some fireworks on some clear plastic wrap and put it on and see if I like it. I might try that tomorrow.
    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: Help Me Please!!

    I was goiing to suggest you try it out first somehow.

    But as it is, I say no. Seems like it could be overkill.
    May change my mind after seeing them on the plastic though (if you post it).
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    Re: Help Me Please!!

    Ask yourself this, in this painting, who is the focus of the feelings, Voyager or Earth? If it's Earth celebrating Voyager's return, then fireworks might seem appropriate (I think in the alternate timeline's video of the return, they had 'em); but if the meaning is centered on Voyager finally making it back home, then I think fireworks would be unnecessary as they'd be drawing attention from the heart of the painting. As the artist, I think that's something you'll have to figure out for yourself.

    Since you don't have Starfleet Headquarters in the scene, fireworks are not unreasonable, but I think maybe if you added some airtrams or shuttlecraft or something delivering the pryotechnics, that might be cool.
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    Re: Help Me Please!!

    Fireworks blowing through the starfleet vessel would be cool! Then it could take on a couple of new meanings, either "Whoops, we hit the Enterprise with a firework" or "Go back to space you alien beings!"

    Okay, I was just kidding.

    I like it the way it is, even though I'm more into Star Wars than Star Trek.
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    Re: Help Me Please!!

    I'm not much into Star Trek either,but I think the painting would look better without the Fireworks.
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    Re: Help Me Please!!

    Thanks for all of the feedback- it really does help.
    I was going to do the plastic wrap painting fireworks today but the first day ofdrivers ED turned out to be quite a drag (haha....) and the work book and studing took me up to about a half hour ago. When I get it done Ill definitly post a pic.
    JT- I really like the idea of the shuttlecraft and airbus thingys shooting the things off. Maybe something like or
    As for having SF headquarters in there I dont think it would be correct because if you look at this
    SF Headquarters would be behind you.
    hurray for birthdays!


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