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    Did I miss something?

    After seeing ROTS twice now, everything was summed up and it all made since,except for one thing. It was never explained why when Obi wan and Yoda died, they simply dissappeared. When the other Jedi died their bodies are still there, and nothing happens to them.(Aside from the fact that they are dead). Did I miss something along the way or was this not made clear. I know at the end of ROTS yoda told kenobi how he could talk to QUI GON, but that was it. Even Vader/Anakin's body was burned at the end of ROTJ. If I missed something along the way, can someone please clue me in.

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    Re: Did I miss something?

    I could be totally wrong on this, but when Yoda & Obi-Wan died, didn't they kind of willingly die - becoming "one with the force"? This is something that Qui-Gon probably communicated to both Yoda & Obi-Wan through the afterlife. Anakin/Vader doesn't disappear because he hasn't been given the knowledge of this that Obi-Wan & Yoda were.

    I guess it's a bit of Star Wars irony because Anakin was looking for a way to cheat death with the Sith and here the Jedi had kind of figured out their own way.

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    Re: Did I miss something?

    I too would have loved to have known the secret to the jedi afterlife.

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    Re: Did I miss something?

    You didn't miss anything per say, as Ryno said this is knowledge that Obi and Yoda learn in the time between ROTS and their deaths. Heck maybe Yoda even knows how to do the ghost trick as he says to Obi "in your solitude I have training for you."?

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    Re: Did I miss something?

    The only thing we missed was a ghostly Qui-Gon talking to Yoda. If this is a cut scene on the DVD, that would make up for its lack in the film.
    I feel burned because at multiple points in various press sources it was confirmed that Liam Neeson shot footage for Ep3 with Lucas.
    The novel covered this whole Jedi in the afterlife thing much better than Yoda doing a "hmmmmmm, by the way Obi-wan.....hmmmmmmmm..ran into Qui-Gon's voice while toking back here" scene at the end of the film!
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    Re: Did I miss something?

    I'm glad Qui-Gon isn't in the movie, because then people would be *****ing about how his ghost is in the PT but not the OT . . . so we hear his voice in the PT and that's good enough. The ghostly appearance thing is something Ben and Yoda learn after ROTS.

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    Re: Did I miss something?

    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    I'm glad Qui-Gon isn't in the movie, because then people would be *****ing about how his ghost is in the PT but not the OT . . . so we hear his voice in the PT and that's good enough. The ghostly appearance thing is something Ben and Yoda learn after ROTS.
    And let us not forget the outcry that would have been heard had Yoda said "...I am now your Padawan." (that was said to Qui-Gon in the book)

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    Re: Did I miss something?

    I always knew that, whereas Obi and Yoda were ready to die, the others weren't, which was not connected with the knowledge of becoming one with the Force (of course, that was then, maybe it was implied whereas now it's evident).
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    Re: Did I miss something?

    I think what happened was that when Yoda and Obi-Wan learned how to keep their physical selves after death, they had to keep their bodies whole. That is why their bodies disappeared when they died.
    Qui-Gon didn't know this, so they burned his body and he could only retain his conciousness after death.

    Let's just not talk about Anakin.
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    Re: Did I miss something?

    Qui-Gon teaches them to retain their identities. He apparently learned it from the teachings of a shaman of the Whills (still unidentified, but my money's on ET's race). Presumably, they study more intently than Qui-Gon was able to, and can more or less take their physical forms into the afterlife so they can appear as spirits, not merely as voices (as is the case with Qui-Gon).

    (Since George didn't explain it, it's all EU. That info's from the ROTS novelization, ROTS graphic novel, Jedi Trial, Dark Rendezvous, and Last of the Jedi: The Desperate Mission.)
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