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    The Bust-Ups Thread!

    Yes, I just caved and bought a bunch of these little suckers today. And the best part, at only a $1.88 each!!! Sam Goody was(is) having a sale on a bunch of stuff. I picked out 2 and the guy at checkout says, "Hey did you know these are only a $1.88?" I said "I'll be right back." and picked up several more. Heres what I got....

    Darth Maul
    Royal Guard
    Stormtrooper (holding rifle up)
    Stormtrooper (cholding blaster forward)
    Count Dooku
    Darth Sidious

    They had most everyone from Series 1,2 & 3. Worth checking out if you want extras or ones you dont have!

    The thread is also for other Bust-Up news too!
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    Re: The Bust-Ups Thread!

    Nice! That's a sweet deal. I have series 1, 2, and 3, plus the holographic Sidious. I also have a shadow box setup with 12 stormys (all in different poses).

    They're neat little things, I'm really looking forward to the ROTS wave.

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    Re: The Bust-Ups Thread!

    The first Bust Ups I got was the Chicago 4-pack last year at Wizard World, then later on down the road I bought a random pack and pulled Chewie. A great piece and now I'm pretty much hooked on them, I have some catching up to do though.

    Can't wait for that ROTS wave, the Anakin/Vader looks cool as do all the others.

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    Re: The Bust-Ups Thread!

    I like this line as well because it like getting a decent bust for little price. I even have a Vader on my computer at work, great conversation starter.
    I just wish there weren't so many variations of each character, I have two different vaders and three different stormtroopers but now i hear that there was three vaders releashed in the intial wave as well as two different leias.
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    Re: The Bust-Ups Thread!

    I just picked up the holographic Sith Lords 2-pack from my local comic shop this evening (along with NECA's Patrick Bateman figure). These are just the latest in my Bust-Up collection. I absolutely love these things!!! I didn't at first but soon changed my mind.

    So far, I have...

    Darth Vader (both regular variants and the hologram variant)
    Darth Maul (one-handed saber variant and the hologram variant)
    Stormtrooper (two-handed blaster and bent-up arm blaster variants)
    Royal Guards x2
    Darth Sidious
    Boba Fett
    Jango Fett
    Princess Leia (outstretched blaster variant)
    Han Solo

    Can't wait for Series 4!!!
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    Re: The Bust-Ups Thread!

    I thought the Stormtrooper bust-ups could only be posed in 8 ways (at least 8 that made some semblance of sense)?

    By my approximation there are 41 bust-ups available. Here is a list in the order of release, to the best of my memory.

    1.) 2004 Toy Fair Blue Clone Trooper
    2/3/4/5.) 2004 Summer Convention Spirit of the Rebellion 4-pack (clear Leia, Luke, Han, & 3PO)
    6/7/8/9.) 2004 Summer Convention Spirit of the Rebellion 4-pack variation (glow-in-the-dark Leia, Luke, Han, & 3PO)
    10.) EE exclusive clear Yoda
    11/12/13/14/15/16/17.) Series 1 - Han, Luke, Chewie, Yoda, Leia (blaster pointed up), Leia variant (blaster pointed straight), & C-3PO
    18/19.) AFX exclusive (at first) Holo Vader & Holo Maul
    20/21/22/23/24/25/26/27/28/29.) Series 2 - Emperor Palpatine, Royal Guard, Count Dooku, Stormtrooper 1, Stormtrooper 2, Stormtrooper 3, Darth Vader (lightsaber in left hand), Darth Vader variant (lightsaber in right hand), Darth Maul (lightsaber in 2 hands & teeth showing), Darth Maul variant (lightsaber in one hand behind back with no teeth showing)
    30.) Crimson Empire TPB with Holo Emperor & Royal Guard (same guard as previously released, so not a different #)
    31/32/33/34/35/36/37.) Series 3 - Boba Fett, Boba Fett variant (silver), Dengar, 4-LOM, Zuckuss, Jango Fett, Bossk
    38.) Clone Wars vol. 2 TPB with copper-tinted Chewbacca & Yoda (same Yoda as previously released, so not a different #)
    39/40/41 - Black-Hole Stormtrooper 1, 2, & 3 (these were released in the SWS exclusive 3-pack, as a chase figure) [I forgot to add them and didn't feel like renumbering]

    Plus next week at SDCC, they will have a silver Jango Fett.
    Also, it's possible to rearrange the 2 Leia, Vaders, & Mauls to give you 5 more possible bust-ups. The same thing can happen with the Stormtroopers and black-hole Stormtroopers, of which I thought there were 8 possible combinations that could be made.
    Plus series 4 will have at least 7 more, not counting any variants. So that brings a grand total of 64 bust-ups.

    I'm missing Dengar, silver Boba, the two TPB ones, and the black-hole Stormtroopers.

    I wish I would have seen this earlier, all my area Sam Goody's & Suncoast's have been out of bust-ups for a while. I just bought a Dooku on eBay for like $12 bucks.
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    Re: The Bust-Ups Thread!

    Series 5!!! Gentle Giant has posted some great pcitures of Bust-Ups Series 5 which is scheduled for December and will be of "The Empire Strikes Back" Theme.

    The line will include Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, the Wampa, Snowtrooper and Darth Vader, and the AT-AT Driver!
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    Re: The Bust-Ups Thread!

    Wow, they look great! I dig how they have the ice forming at the bottoms of the figures - it helps them look more like actual busts than half-action figures.

    Sign me up for a set of these guys. Wonder what the variants will be? Probably the snowtrooper and pilot I bet.

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    Re: The Bust-Ups Thread!

    GH is reporting there will be two Vaders; one with a red-flame base & one with a blue-flame base.
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    Re: The Bust-Ups Thread!

    A picture of the upcoming Hoth Wave.
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