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    Losing the Lines we collect: Unleashed, 12" etc...and SW decline and future

    3 3/4" - still going strong. Looks like it'll go "OTC-style" without being solely focused on the OTC, but offering a splattering from all 6 movies. My guess is that core characters will be the first offerings - the essentials if you will:

    1) Luke
    2) Han
    3) Leia
    4) Chewie
    5) C-3PO
    6) R2D2
    7) Stormtrooper
    8) Obi-Wan Kenobi
    9) Darth Vader
    10) Anakin Skywalker
    11) Qui-Gon Jinn
    12) Padme Amidala
    13) JarJar Binks
    14) Darth Maul
    15) Battle Droid
    16) Super Battle Droid
    17) Count Dooku
    18) Jango Fett
    19) Clone Trooper
    20) Boba Fett
    21) Lando Calrissian
    22) Yoda
    23) Mace Windu
    24) General Grievous
    25) Palpatine
    26) Wicket

    With very little exception, if you had all the above, you could basically recreate the principle Star Wars story if you were a kid playing with your toys. Ackbar, Tarkin, Aayla Secura, and Nute Gunray are all secondary nice extras, and Pote Snitkin and Meena Tillis are totally forgettable.

    To voice my opinion on the above 26 or so, with rare, more to the obscure variation (like Lando in Smuggler's Gear), we pretty much have all these figures several times over. What can they do to further update Chewbacca? Darth Vader, minus some new action feature we really don't want (or similarly a scene-specific pose), has very little changes. He just sells well. So they can ship the same one (ROTS was awesome IMO).

    The 20-40 more most wanted from ROTS that haven't been made yet, as well as only about 200 from all the other movies that are not so obscure that you'll never find them on screen, are all that remains left for original figures to be made for the line. The rest will be repeats we'll buy less and less of - (as in how many Luke Tatooine's and Jake Lloyd Anakin's do you want them to continue to produce?) 3 3/4" completists will rethink their obsession more and more likley, and many of us will save some money. Hasbro's sales will be less.

    VEHICLES - This line could continue, presumably slower than during the ROTS hype, but as long as figures sell well, we may surely see rehashes - like another new or re-released box for the same Millennium Falcon, the return of Naboo Starfighters, etc. I hope the sales will be strong enough for the Cloud Car, and even new mold stuff like the V-wing, Sith Infiltrator, General Grievous' ship, Padme's, etc. If it happens, it won't be quick enough.

    PLAYSETS - I love the Mustafar set, but it seems like I'm so much in the minority opinion, that Hasbro may not have a reason to do more sets - especially big good ones like a Death Star and a proper Cloud City, Theed Palace, Galactic Senate, etc. If they are remarketing all the figures however, this might be the time to go that route. But I am blinded by hope I fear.

    TWELVE INCH FIGURES - seem to be doomed. One can only hope that items like Chancellor Palpatine, Nute Gunray, a good Padme, some more Jedi like Aayla and Kit, all get made. Right now it does not look to hopeful. A new company could re-launch the line, or Hasbro could relaunch it on the high end, but see the same list of repeated characters above for what you'll first be most likely to get. 12" collectors will save money. Hasbro's sales will be less and less, again.

    UNLEASHED - is going to be cancelled after the Shocktrooper wave, and while we all might save more money (and Hasbro makes less), it stumps me as to this move for a highly successful line that still has room for Lando, Qui-Gon, Luke Bespin, Super Battle Droids, and more Jedi like Kit Fisto. I'll save money because I can't buy anything if it doesn't exist, but I'm sorry to see this line go even if it means I have $48 more dollars every few months. Like that really makes a difference next to the loss of a great line.

    GALACTIC HEROES - the transforming vehicle direction this line is going in is the wrong direction. Characters like Qui-Gon and Jabba the Hutt are still lacking, but the same stuff can be rehased until it warms too many pegs unless they create playsets and interactive vehicles and beasts to augment this line. Slave-One, a Republic Gunship, the AT-AT are all no-brainers. If not, this line's future will be short I predict. More money saved by us, less for Hasbro.

    M&M'S EMPIRE - I'm not even collecting this. If the figures came with something to eat, I might consider it when I was hungry - but this one is a 2005 and then phased out. I'm not going to even bother. Yes, I think they are cute - some like Vader, the Clone, and Boba Fett are very creative. Others like Anakin and Obi-Wan do nothing for me to tell me these characters are represented by these "toys." They're just M&M's with legs and Jedi robes that I can't even eat.

    JEDI FORCE - This line may have a future. The Boga (if it ever gets released) could be popular, and doing more Classic entries like Han Solo (due out next) might make it a fun small line. I'm not sure if it will last beyond some updates in 2006, but parents who are fans will seek these out for their kids, and a few stupid guys like me will think they're cute and want to buy them. I bet a lot of the characters like Yoda and Vader will be continuously recycled, because this line won't encourage variation collecting. More of you may buy them though, one all of you have less to collect. The e-Bay prices for stuff pegwarming now (or out of the stores now - like the first Chewbacca) might take a surprising upswing. It'll be funny to see that, but not surprising. Meanwhile, Hasbro has a few sales left to be made here.

    FORCE BATTLERS - Any predictions here? The line is sort of cool with its anime' styled characters and their larger-than-life exagerrated action features and nice articulation make them sort of odd-balls. I am buying them and like them. Some like Dooku, some Battle Droids, and most of all both Fetts, I'd totally dig. This line has some future. It might go to 2007. Sales will be slow and the line will be updated maybe only at 6 month intervals, but people who collected Art Asylum Star Trek will know how that feels. Force Battlers may lend to a more realistic 7" or 8" line on down the road - sort of like Unleashed with Articulation and possible action features. I'm pretty sure I'm through with new lines at this size already - but I'll stick it out for the Force-Battlers. Again, Hasbro has some viability left here.

    CLONE WARS CARTOON FIGURES - this will continue, at least for 2006 and possibly into 2007. Hasbro gauged interest at Celebration 3. It was strong for both an animated line, and a Realistic one. Padme in her snow coat, IG-77, Kit Fisto (in anime' form) etc. were all of interest. A small line, it can nevertheless be a strong one. Hasbro will continue here.

    TV SERIES FIGURES - Sure they will attempt this. With Hasbro's turn-around time being 13 months for a figure, I would not expect a line to be run like Playmates did for the Star Trek TV series. I think releases will be slower, and more likely at 6 month intervals. They'll augment their 3 3/4" line here (as any other line above for the TV show would be ridiculous). They might issue the TV show figures in the "revamped OTC Collection," or they might do special packaging. The former would seem better, to "force" completists to buy the TV characters. They want to make money, remember? (then again, look at the cancelled Unleashed line and you shake your head...)

    2" FIGURES - now rumored as statue pieces or whatever. OK, there are chess sets out there. There are pewter figures. The Attacktix line is being given its trial run. Wizards has its game pieces. Unless these are poseable and scaled further down so that Hasbro can do ships and vehicles to interact with them - even in options never made before - like Jabba's Sailbarge - these aren't my interest. However, the Micro-Collection of metal figures from Kenner's Star Wars days was elaborate and might hook newbies strong. Hasbro probably is right to think they have a future here, but maybe less so with us Old School folks.

    Overall, they might want to prepare to scale back their operations by a huge amount!

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    Re: Losing the Lines we collect: Unleashed, 12" etc...and SW decline and future

    They are killing off Unleashed? Hmmm.

    You know, I would have hypothosized that they would continue the 3 1/4" line and Clone Wars Animated lines, Unleashed and Jedi Force and drop the rest. Unleashed seemed to me to be one of the more popular non-event (no movies out at the time) lines. I guess not.

    I am pretty sure much of the lines they have now will go away. The market is shrinking big-time now that the movies are done, and collectors represent the only real consumer base. Our bread and burtter has always been 3 1/4" figs, so I expect we will see those in limited waves spread over time. Attacktix I would say will be the first to go. Not sure how good the kiddie lines are doing, but I would be surprised it they were doing good at all. Of course vehicles, playsets, multipacks and role-play will be scaled back to probably nothing as it was in the past. I expect to see occasional 3 1/4" figs on the shelves of my local Wal-Mart and that's it. Probably other stuff elsewhere like Toys R Us and whatnot, but that's irrelevent to poor old me without a car.

    But I am sure most of us have TONS of past lines to scour the earth for. It's too bad they cost an arm and a leg. If you have pretty much everything so far out there, you should just commit yourself to an institution because your obsession is so fierce suicide will become a more and more viable-looking option now that there is nothing out there for you to hunt down.
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    Re: Losing the Lines we collect: Unleashed, 12" etc...and SW decline and future

    Here's hoping the 3 1/4" figs will be resculpts for each film rather than repacks - and VOTC style. I really want SA Qui-gon/Maul/Obi-wan for the threeway duel. Leia Boushh could be done far better, DSII Luke, Han Carbonite, and a decent EPIV obi wan robed (plastic) with hood down to name but a few. Neutral posed Ani and Obers in full jedi robes from Eps II and III would also be nice.

    Then there are of course numerous possibilities for previously unproduced background characters (preferably from the OT I think there are simply too many in the backgrounds of the PT to be bothered with) and resculpts of lesser characters whose initial figures were crap like Bib Fortuna.

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    Re: Losing the Lines we collect: Unleashed, 12" etc...and SW decline and future

    I hadn't heard that the Unleashed line was officially canceled, but it wouldn't suprise me. The last four or five waves have warmed the pegs around here. Most stores look like that haven't sold a single ROTS Unleashed!

    I agree, playsets are going the way of the dinosaur too. Ol' Mustafar is keeping the shelves nice and toasty.

    12" line was kinda like Keith Richards, dead but unaware of it. I can't say I really miss it as it was, but would love to see it return better than before.

    As a Star Wars collector I have that funky feeling in my stomach, the one you get when the roller coaster you're on plunges.

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    Re: Losing the Lines we collect: Unleashed, 12" etc...and SW decline and future

    Where do we get the idea that the lines are doomed? I have been hearing of the demise of the 12" line for 5 years now and it keeps going. I have not heard of any of the lines being cancelled yet (although it is inevitable for all of them eventually). I have a feeling that at least the 3 3/4" and 12" lines will have some life left with the two TV shows coming out. Some of the other lines are just too specialized to have a huge and prolonged following (which we all know is the lifeblood of any toy line).

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    Re: Losing the Lines we collect: Unleashed, 12" etc...and SW decline and future

    If they ever cancel Galactic Heroes, someone at Hasbro will pay. Dearly.

    Unleashed . . . 12 Inch . . . if all that's left eventually is the 3 3/4 line, I'm pretty much done collecting toys.

    At least Topps will pump out a set every year or two to give me something fun to collect.

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    Re: Losing the Lines we collect: Unleashed, 12" etc...and SW decline and future

    I should be able to catch up on the holes in my collection in the coming years. I have some of the Unleashed and I am not sure if I will collect a 2" Unleashed line. I might if they look good and if the 4 packs they are rumored to be in are of characters I like. But why change a popular line like this?
    I collected the 12" line and now that one is dead too. This line's demise I can understand though. Hasbro just plain screwed it up. More money for other things I suppose.
    That will only leave me with the 3 3/4" line. This line for the next two years will more then likely be rehash. Any new or really good updated character will find a home with me, but other then that, more money saved.
    It appears that Hasbro only wants me to get the main line and nothing else if they want to change extremly popular lines or kill everything else I collect. Wait... I hear my vintage collection calling for new found collection cash...........
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    Re: Losing the Lines we collect: Unleashed, 12" etc...and SW decline and future

    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    Overall, they might want to prepare to scale back their operations by a huge amount!
    As of right now, I think that's a good idea.

    3-3/4" line - This is the meat of my collection, but I wouldn't cry if they cut this down to 20-25 solidly well done figures per year.

    VEHICLES - Same thing. If they put out three or four, with maybe two new ones and a repaint/repack or two, I'd be happy.

    PLAYSETS - I love playsets... but I never seem to love their playsets. If they put out one great playset per year, I'd maybe be happy.

    TWELVE INCH FIGURES - I'd pay more for higher quality figures, but I'd also pay what they're asking now, if they'd simply put out two or three really interesting and fun figures per year.

    UNLEASHED - I'll make no bones about it, I never really cared for this line (save for Bossk and the IG-88 that I never saw... ) so I'm not sad to see it go. They should have never marketed this line as broadly as they did. They should have stuck this one in a few collector oriented shops and online. Seeing the pegs at Wal*Mart cluttered by cobweb covered Obi-Wan figures has made this one seem less than special.

    GALACTIC HEROES - These are fun I suppose, but I don't care for them, and my kid doesn't really give them much thought. Any kid young enough to play with them wouldn't really "get" Star Wars, so I've always seen them as being toy-collector-crack. Just another cute impulse buy thing to grab when you can't actually find the toy you're really looking for.

    M&M'S EMPIRE - I think these are simply stupid. I now hate the M&M characters as much as the "California Raisins." (Reese's Pieces rule!)

    JEDI FORCE - See "Galactic Heroes" above.

    FORCE BATTLER - I think this line is extremely lame. Hasbro has really divided themselves and pushed the Star Wars license too far with the introduction of this line.

    CLONE WARS CARTOON FIGURES - I'm all for these (both animated and "realistic") and my son liked these. This is the kind of variety, as long as it's done well, that the 3-3/4" line needs to stay fun.

    TV SERIES FIGURES - 13 months for a figure? That's crazy. If they wanted, they could get this down to waaay less than that, and I suspect they will when the time comes.

    2" FIGURES - You know, I'm all for the game based little figures. The Attacktix thing isn't for me, but I can see how it might be fun. Just the same, I find the Star Wars miniatures stuff to be fun (though maybe too expensive) also. What I'm not sure that we need is some other variation of these kinds of things, because it sounds like Hasbro's trying to cook up a version of GG's bust-up figures or something. Hey... why not focus on MicroMachines?

    I'd be happy to see them drop Unleashed, Galactic Heroes, Jedi Force, Force Battlers (!) and Attacktix in order to focus on a good complete MicroMachines line. (The Titanium stuff is great also BTW.)

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    Re: Losing the Lines we collect: Unleashed, 12" etc...and SW decline and future

    3-3/4" line - I don't see them cutting back on this much as far as the number of figures but I do see them becoming harder to find.
    VEHICLES - there will always be vehicles but less in any non movie year
    PLAYSETS - we get playsets?
    TWELVE INCH FIGURES - I you can't get it right its time to go
    UNLEASHED - this is a good product but Hasbro makes too much of it. This would be a good exclusive line sold through Diamond or TRU but when every retailer jumps on board and orders a full boat the line tanks because there just aren't that many people interested.
    GALACTIC HEROES - like this line hope it continues
    M&M'S EMPIRE - one time is good need no more
    JEDI FORCE - can't see this line going much further
    FORCE BATTLER - Im shocked that these are moving at all
    CLONE WARS CARTOON FIGURES - love to see more but should always be a limited line
    TV SERIES FIGURES - I definately will want figures but how many will depend on the quality of the show
    2" FIGURES - Can't see this being something I want but I do know someone that has asked for this for a long time. I have collected the miniature game and only played it a handful of time so mabye. But considering my cashflow I hope it is something I won't be interested in.
    TITANIUM SERIES - This is the first series of these I have collected. I really like them and if they can improve the distribution I think they will do well (some stores seem to get tons while others never see them)
    ATTACKIX - as much as Hasbro wants to pump this up I think the regular miniature game has a better chance at longevity

    The bottom line is that without a movie it's time to trim the fat. If Hasbro were smart they could salvage lines like 12" and Unleashed but if it can't be done in a full mass market scale Hasbro doesn't seem interested putting out the effort.
    More is more. Less is less, Twice as much is good too,
    Too much is never enough except when it's just about right.
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    Re: Losing the Lines we collect: Unleashed, 12" etc...and SW decline and future

    3 3/4"= I will always collect these. As long as they are made I think there will be a market for them.

    Vehicles=Hmmm...I don't really know here. New ones yes, repaints maybe but only a few per year. 2 seems good to me and nothing above $50!

    Playsets=Same as vehicles but maybe one good one a year. And $50 should be able to buy a lot of playset.

    12" Line=I only have speederbikes out of this and that is it. It should go away for a while. Hasbro is capable of so much more here.

    Unleashed=I will miss this line. Hasbro is crazy here.

    M&M=What is wrong with novelty every now and then? It is one little line and it is ending after a wave or two. This is a blip on the radar screen with Darth Tater. Collect it or don't, it is not a new line.

    Galactic Heroes=I agree with Tycho, they are going in the wrong direction here. They are missing the bus by not taking a chance and making vehicles and playsets from the movies. With a smaller scale and the pressure for maticulous detail off, this line could be great, but I don't think Hasbro will risk it.

    Jedi Force and Force Battlers=I haven't looked at these at all. So, I can't say anything about them.

    Clone Wars=Either cartoon or realistic, keep them coming.

    T.V.=It is going to have to be really good. And I don't see it right now. But I am open to the new directions.
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