Hello. I'm kind of new here and have really gotten into collecting MR products. They're definitely a unique company and have some great quality stuff.

Anyway, I was curious about the quality of ICONS' props versus Master Replicas. I know that ICONS was an officially licensed prop company that manufactured a few lightsaber hilts in the mid-1990s, but I wanted to know if they were as accurate as MR sabers. Did they also have access to the Lucasfilm archives to allow for careful study of the original filming props?

I was also curious if ICONS sabers hold their value vs. MR. Are they less desirable? I am certainly not collecting prop replicas based on their potential investment value, but I wanted to know other prop collectors points-of-view on ICONS and MR.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

P.S. - Are there any Web links for more information on ICONS?