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    Master Replicas vs. ICONS

    Hello. I'm kind of new here and have really gotten into collecting MR products. They're definitely a unique company and have some great quality stuff.

    Anyway, I was curious about the quality of ICONS' props versus Master Replicas. I know that ICONS was an officially licensed prop company that manufactured a few lightsaber hilts in the mid-1990s, but I wanted to know if they were as accurate as MR sabers. Did they also have access to the Lucasfilm archives to allow for careful study of the original filming props?

    I was also curious if ICONS sabers hold their value vs. MR. Are they less desirable? I am certainly not collecting prop replicas based on their potential investment value, but I wanted to know other prop collectors points-of-view on ICONS and MR.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

    P.S. - Are there any Web links for more information on ICONS?

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    Re: Master Replicas vs. ICONS

    from what ive heard Icons is inferior to Master Replicas. It doesnt get any better than Master Replicas these days.

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    Re: Master Replicas vs. ICONS

    Master Replicas are more desirable and prefered. ICONS made some nice replicas in the day. The Skywalker Lightsaber as its called is probably the best. However there is just something off about them. The Kenobi lightsaber they made is in pristine shape as the one in the movie was old and weathered. Vader's lightsaber is good too -with just some minor things that are off about it. ICONS also made a Han Solo Blaster too but I've never actually seen one.
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    Re: Master Replicas vs. ICONS

    I read an interview with one of the heads of MR and he had said that he had tried to get the SW license to make replicas and was in competition with Icons, but icons pursued lucasfilm stronger and more persistant so they gave it to them. Icons is inferior to MR based on quality and likeness. You might be thinking, well I could get the same thing but cheaper if I get an icons saber instead, but you would be getting a lesser quality item. It's worth it to spend more for MR. They are a great company and made a lot of SW fans happy.
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    Re: Master Replicas vs. ICONS

    I have heard that Icons had access to the props, but instead of designing their own they simply pulled molds from them, which came out not as high-quality as they way MR does theirs.
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