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Thread: Collection 2

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    Collection 2

    Hasbro allows to see some of the figures from Collection 2. No surprises here, outside of the laser blasts. Female Tusken with child, a great figure, I'll be getting several. Shaak Ti joins Eeth Koth in the one pose wonder (and why are all the new figures doing splits?) Boba Fett looks fine, but I refuse to buy "Baby Boba" or accept his existence. Captain Typho ... horrible.

    I'm still curious, where is Count Dooku?

    Click here for the link if you haven't seen them yet:

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    I have no idea why Hasbeen is putting these figures in "fighting stance". Those just look plain old BAD!

    I'm not sure what is up with Captain TYPHOID. Does that guy have a cyber-eye or something? I finally understand what those lipop things are... they are supposed to be laser blasts. Lame.
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    I refuse to put Shaak-Ti's feet in that position. I hope they're articulated.

    And it says copyright 2002. Episode 1's said copyright 1998. I wonder why Episode 2's isn't copyright 2001...reworking, perhaps?

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    Shaak Ti looks alot better then the prototype, still not a huge fan of the fighting stance sculpt though, but atleast the face and the paint job looks better.

    Capt. Typho looks ok, gonna be a peg warmer though, I dub him the Ric Olie of the E2 line. The blast that attaches to the gun is a cool new feature.

    Boba Fett looks fine, again another case of the finished looking better then the prototypes. Intresting that they didn't give him the gun or the jetpack that was in the prototype pictures. I guess they wanna keep that plot twist secret.

    Tusken Mom w/ Child looks great, I really like the papoose idea. I'm glad that it's removable though. The figure looks to have better paint detail then the previous pics floating about.

    Here is a much bigger pic, from Enjoy!
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    Question What the Hell....

    Y'know...this past year has been difficult for me..

    I sold my collection last spring and I've been regretting it all year long...I've drooled over some of the figures sitting on the pegs as I swing by the toy aisle in Target, or go completely out of the way at Wal-Mart just to get a sniff of what's new.

    You have to admit that since POTJ came out there have been some really great sculpts...the best we've seen...

    So my question is...WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED.

    Thank goodness I sold my collection when I did. This dribble coming from Hasbro blows. These are the worst figures I've ever seen...and let's be point blank about it...EVERYONE KNOWS THAT THEY SUCK. I haven't seen a decent figure yet. I mean R5-D4 blew, but at least he could be put in my diorama and look decent (if he was in the back somewhere).

    But this load of poo???

    "Stiff-Arm Anakin", "Flailing Kenobi", "Super-Boobs Padme"...Collection 2 doesn't look any better.

    In my opinion, anyone who is excited about these figures just bought into the promo hype of AOTC and has lost their entire sense of what looks good for an action figure....stop being excited about the movie and look at these things for what they are.

    It's like when TPM came out everyone loved that first Maul...Compared to what we ended up getting...he was crap, and I thought so from the beginning.....

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    What the... These look just as bad as the protos, Shaak-Ti looks even worse actually. Still the plastic molded poncho for Fett and the plastic robe for Shaak-Ti. Authenticly detailed yes, but that articulation is worthless when they're pre-posed like that with hard plastic clothing around the articulation points.
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    Okay, maybe it's because I'm staying away from most spoilers, but aren't male and female Tuskens supposed to be indistinguishable?
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    ok, the figs are not THAT bad! Sure, I hate the poses, but Shak-ti is a very detailed figure, as is the female Tusken. Yes, I agree with most that baby-boba and the guard are boring as heck, but so was every Episode I Anakin fig; this line will come with the good and Bad; personally, I think there will be many awsome figs released over the course of the year.

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    Okay, maybe it's because I'm staying away from most spoilers, but aren't male and female Tuskens supposed to be indistinguishable?

    Let's just say that some basic EU is being rewritten by Lucas in AOTC.

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    I have ZERO interest in any AOTC action figures I've seen as of yet. Action stances, molded blast-reflections, just plain dumb. I'm sorry, but as it stands, Bo Shek will probably be the last new Star Wars action figure I buy.
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