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    Disturbing new trend?

    Hi everyone.

    Just been looking at the Evolution sets on and was disturbed by what I saw: the heads on the Anakin "Jedi Hero" and "Clone Wars Commander" figures seemed to be similar to the same type used on WW figures which I think suck completely!

    I think Hasbro has definitely gone downhill with this set. I love the idea but the Anakin figures just suck. Anakin Skywalker Hangar Duel in the Saga line was the best sculpted figure of Anakin from Episode II

    As for the Episode III Anakin, the first Anakin released in the Episode III basic line is a much better sculpt than this Evolutions one.

    Come on Hasbro, this was the chance to do a really great set of Anakin Skywalker. I would have preferred the set to have had Anakin Hangar Duel and Anakin from the Episode III line in the evolutions set minus the action features.

    Now that would have been one hell of a figure set!!

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    Re: Disturbing new trend?

    I really like the figure sculpting and the figures themselves. Nicely articulated versions of these figures with soft goods, you cant go wrong

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    Re: Disturbing new trend?

    I dont know but i like the sculpts and the figures that come with that set. Looking forward to getting two of these. Unfortunately this is the way hasbro is rehash is cheaper and better for them, they can produce more and make a larger profit instead of creating a new figure and spending the captial to make it.
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    Re: Disturbing new trend?

    Made a mistake in my original post:

    I meant to comment that the heads on the Evolution figures were much like the JAKKS Pacific WWE Figures. I hate the way the WWE figures are done. Yeah, they have a lot of articulation but they look terrible.

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    Re: Disturbing new trend?

    I think they look great! Cant wait to get them. The pictures at GalacticHunter are very good too. They have interchangable accessories, good articualtion, and soft goods -cant go wrong there.
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    Re: Disturbing new trend?

    Are you talking about the way the heads are articulated? If so, then they've been doing many figures like that for the past two or three years. It's not really all that new.

    And DarkArtist . . . none of these figures are rehashes. They're all completely new.
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    Re: Disturbing new trend?

    Looks like a great set, Ive got one on the way, got it off eBay!


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