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    Reselling older models

    I don't understand this, maybe someone can explain it to me. If MR has the molds to all of their products that they have made, then why wouldn't they release, or re-release rather, some of the older models, like Windu's saber or Dooku's. Hell the obi-wan weathered would sell out as quick as the Elites.
    I know I would get them, since I missed out on them before.
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    Re: Reselling older models

    Because this is what happens when they do. People get there panties in a bunch over it.
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    Re: Reselling older models

    Quote Originally Posted by Slicker
    Because this is what happens when they do. People get there panties in a bunch over it.
    Yeah, that's a really sweet reason not to remake them. I seriously doubt MR would not want to make a **** load more money because of people "getting thier panties in a bounch"
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    Re: Reselling older models

    Well, MR went with the idea of "limited editions", which means that their replicas are, well... limited. I think they grossly miscalculated the high demand of many key prop replicas. Either that, or they're well aware of the investment value for collectors. Still unsure what they were thinking from a business standpoint. I think they were simply a new company and had no idea how big the "replica prop" community was.

    I'm sure, had they known the high demand, they would have significantly increased the edition size of some of the more popular or highly sought after items (particularly lightsaber hilts), such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, Mace Windu and Luke Skywalker lighsabers. But at the same time, MR must maintain their integrity.

    I remember when the 2004 Stormtrooper blaster from 'A New Hope' was originally slated to only have 2,500 units. About a week before they went on sale, the edition size was suddenly increased to 3,500 to accommodate the anticipated high demand. Of course, these blaster rifles sold out fairly quickly. So how can MR continue to stay in business if there's only a finite number of Star Wars props to be produced? Fortunately for MR, they can simply re-release the same product (with minor differences), but as an "Empire Strikes Back' or 'Return of the Jedi' version.

    To a degree, the same type of marketing can be applied with most prop lighsaber hilts. Don't worry. At some point, you will see a limited edition Obi-Wan Kenobi 'The Phantom Menace' lightsaber, which is almost identical to the 'Attack of the Clones' version. You'll also see "Elite" editions of many popular lightsaber hilts, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi's 'A New Hope' model and Mace Windu's uniquely designed lighsaber.

    As for the replicas already released... eBay is the best place to start, but you will certainly pay for it. Wait until the 'Star Wars' buzz dies down a bit if you want a better deal. I know I'm still kicking myself for not buying a few choice replicas when they were still available directly from MR.
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    Re: Reselling older models

    I am in agreement that these are "LIMITED" would they remake the exact same thing, its just not possible. Maybe for the mini sabers but not the full sizes.

    most of the more popular sabers are "key" props in the SW universe and MR was still very young at that time and the market for props were not as big as they are today. I dont think it was a miscalculation of any sort, they did what was right for that year and that time. Every year the market evolves and this is where we are at today. No ones fault here, and I had a GOOOOD laugh at that artdoesgay post. hahahahhahaha nice reference

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    Re: Reselling older models

    I prefer that MR not reuse or re-release any of their Limited Editions. As much as I would really like to get the Mace Windu LE (and I would). I think I'd rather wait to get one of the LEs already released.
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    Re: Reselling older models

    Don't worry, I'm sure MR will release a Mace Windu Limited Edition 'Revenge of the Sith' lightsaber version soon enough. Especially since Mace had such a pivital role in Episode III.

    MR has already re-released the FX version of Mace's saber if you want that. I actually love the FX sabers. They're very similar to LEs, but I not as "afraid" to play with them. They also seem to use many of the exact same parts as the LEs.

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    Re: Reselling older models

    Interesting thread. I remember reading that thread about the AT-AT, was pretty funny, amazing how worked up people get, I find it so sad how cross people get, when they are meant to be involved in a fun hobby, not worrying that their No 679 AT-AT is now worthless because theres another run being made.

    Only MR stuff I've ever bought was an FX lighter sabre, and I was very happy with it, would love to collect the hilt replicas, but despite being able to afford them I've never quite been willing to make the leap. I don't really understand why they keep them so limited, but I can understand they are a small company, and it would be sad to see them not being able to sell all that they make, so it a way, the current system is the wiser system.

    However, because I'd like to own some of these pieces, and I'd like them new, that part of me wants to see releases of the old hilts. Especially Mace's, and Obi's Ep1/2 design. If I'd have bought them when originally released would I REALLY be bothered that two years later there was a identical edition? Honestly, no, of course not, how does that change the enjoyment of the original product, unless your a scalper prospecting on your purchase, in which case your are not even deserving of my contempt.

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    Re: Reselling older models

    I can understand the point of the limited editions and the fact that if another run comes out then it would sort of ruin it's uniqueness. However, I do not feel this way. I own the Vader anh le and I have no problem whatsoever with them doing another run of that saber. I bought because it is something I have wanted for a long time and I think it's a great collector's item.

    Actually when you think about it, if they did do another run of the LEs then the ones who had bought the originals would be worth more. True, the value will drop somewhat, but it would be worth more than the second wave. Just my opinion.
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    Re: Reselling older models

    I agree that the only person who would get upset about the value of their investment going down becouse of a re-release are people who are in it for just that, investment.


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