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    Re: New Led Luke Jedi Saber - Front SSG News

    I think MR will get around to it decadentdave. They're getting better at making the FX sabers. An Obi-Wan lightsaber would be a great debut for an updated FX.

    Personally I think an FX is WAY better than a Larbel or a Parksaber.
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    Re: New Led Luke Jedi Saber - Front SSG News

    It might also have to do with the sound effects? I not sure but Parks and Larbel don't have sound do they? The added room for the sound boards may eat up room to have more support for the blade thus warranting a thicker neck... I don't know, just yammering.

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    Re: New Led Luke Jedi Saber - Front SSG News

    No, the sound effects are part of the endcap and the main body, the neck has nothing to do with the sounds. My bet is that because these are official licensed products and MR is an official company, they have to protect themselves against the possibility that these items may be used in an "unsafe" manner, and so they need to make it super strong to accomodate that which means thicker neck. Jeff Parks can pull it off because he uses a big fat plug for his removable blades, I think the size of a music cord jack, and these only accomodate the light system, not the swing sensors - plus, aren't the Parksabers ones 3 times as much as the MR ones? "Cost prohibitive" may be a key phrase here.

    Don't let that fool you though MR, we would like to see removable blades and thinner necks on Force FX lightsabers, I may understand why they aren't now but the future should be about things getting better.
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    Re: New LED Luke Jedi Saber - Front SSG News

    The reason I didnt buy the first ROTJ saber was because of that fat copper part I just wish they would update the hilt


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