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Thread: Reading!

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    Finished reading "The Trial of Jean Grey" story arc that ran through All-New X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy recently. I loved it for the most part, but I'm still not 100% sold on the new powerset that Jean is manifesting now. I love how powerful they are making this pre-Phoenix Jean Grey, but I'm just not a huge fan of this new "energy being" form that they've come up with. Hopefully, they'll only use it sparingly. I think she should be able to cut loose with her powers without turning into a pink Human Torch.

    Still, I think Bendis is doing some great work on these books. It was cool seeing young Scott Summers getting reunited with his father and it makes perfect sense to me that he would quit the X-Men to go roaming around in space with his dad. Maybe this means that Beast and Jean Grey will get to explore their relationship; but that might be tough with creepy, old Scott Summers wandering around their new school.

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    Dead Creek (A Loon Lake Mystery #2) by Victoria Houston. Mischief abounds in this book set in a fictional town in Northern Wisconsin. Light reading that reads fast, since I don't fish there are aspects of the book I can do without/could be trimmed down some. Also, the authors portrait of UPS is not accurate, she should've talked to somebody that worked there (like me).

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    A book, by a famous novelist near the end of his life, about a fictional famous novelist near the end of his life, writing about the difficulties of writing a great last book. Joseph Heller's Portrait of an Artist, as an Old Man, from the author of Catch-22, was a few books-within-books-within-a-book. Weird and confusing at times (mainly the start), funny occasionally. Overall it was okay; I guess I need to read his more noted book now.
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    Still trying to get through the first Game of Thrones book.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthQuack View Post
    Still trying to get through the first Game of Thrones book.
    I read that back in about 2005 or so, after someone recommended it to me (hearing I liked LOTR and SW). I found it interesting but not enough to get me to continue the series (I think it was at 3 or 4 books back then).
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    I've never been able to finish it. I gave up, which I try to avoid doing. It was just a huge laundry list of unsympathetic characters I couldn't be bothered to give a damn about.
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    If anyone could keep an eye out at Barnes and Noble if they frequent going there...the Star Wars Frames book should be discounted to $45 down from $150 I believe....I'd love to find a copy.
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    I remember you mentioned that before, DQ, and I keep forgetting. This week's an Educator Appreciation Week discount locally; I'll check (for myself, too) for ya.
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    Birth, School, Metallica, Death, Volume 1 The Biography by Paul Brannigan and ​Ian Woodward. This first volume in a two book set follows Metallica from its creation to the recording of their best selling self titled album. Its pretty good, I've read another bio on Metallica and while there was a healthy amount of cross over there was plenty of new info to make it an interesting read. If you aren't that much of a Metallica fan then I wouldn't bother to double up on the reading.


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