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Thread: Reading!

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    Yeah, it's all B&W. It was originally single issues, then the massive one-volume edition (I think around 1500 pages). It's being reprinted in digest form now, with I think 3-5 issues per book.
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    It has been over a month since I last read a book cover-to-cover, and it's a SW one.

    Bloodlines by Karen Traviss. This started off quite poorly, except for the Fett storyline. But by the end, I really liked it; Traviss is moving up on my list of great SW writers now. I won't spoilerize it, but let's just say that I am eagerly awaiting Book 3 Tempest, in hey! another month from now.

    I temporarily gave up on Wake and Skeleton Key until I finish a few things on my schedule. No new books on the horizon yet (until The End, the final in the Unfortunate Events series this Friday... the 13th! ).
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    Its been out for sometime but I just finished Game of Shadows, its about BALCO, Barry Bonds and steroids in sports. WOW!!! Its an eye opener for sure.

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    I enjoyed Pete Dexter's Deadwood, a 1986 novel about life in the raucous mining town. The story begins in 1876 and is largely told from Charley Utter's point of view, but switches occasionally to other denizens such as Seth Bullock, Bill Hickock, Al Swearengen, and Calamity Jane.

    Dexter's Charley Utter is an entirely fascinating character and resembles his HBO counterpart in many ways, including his acerbic wit and observational humor. I really liked the potrayal of the man and often found myself laughing out loud at Dexter's dialogue - Utter knows that a trenchant remark can cut a man down just as effectively as a pistol or knife.

    Although the author wasn't involved with the HBO series, his novel did form the basis (in part) for 1995's Wild Bill with Jeff Bridges in the title role. Since both book and HBO series share the same historical source material, fans will find a lot of similarities between the two, but Dexter's take is sufficiently different from the TV show to make it worth a read.


    Max Brooks' World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War is also fun to read if you like living dead or apocalyptic end-of-the-world fare. I felt the story suffered from a kind of historical detachment - it's been several years or so since the war ended in victory - so I think the suspense and thrill of following the collapse of society was a bit dulled. I think Stephen King's The Stand did an excellent job on that point, so if Brooks takes another bite at the living dead with a new book, a novel told in linear fashion would be cool as hell. Brooks' historical accounts are still pretty interesting, although he spends a lot of time covering the changes in military tactics and weaponry that combating this new enemy required.
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    Any book told (even in part) from Calamity Jane's perspective must be cool.
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    Finally finished "Flags of our Fathers" just in time for the movie tomorrow.
    Amazing book. Simply amazing.

    I know very little of the war in the Pacific in WWII. Overall, I find the European war much more interesting, so I had little knowledge of how important Iwo Jimo was. I find it stunning how 1/400th of a second of one unimportant moment (well, unimportant at the time the picture was snapped) could end up meaning so much to so many, even to this day.
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    I had some free time away from rehearsals last weekend so I finished...

    The End by Lemony Snicket. I was expecting more, but I suppose I should've expected how the book did turn out. Funny in parts, serious in others, with the usual grammatical and expression explanations in between.

    I don't know what'll be next on my reading list (whenever the Darth Bane SW novel arrives at my local library, I may try for that), but it will definitely have to wait until I'm done as Joe Stoddard, undertaker of Grover's Corners, next week.
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    I just finished a WWI day by day book. It's a very good source of instant facts.

    I'm also in the process of reading "The Second World War" by Winston Churchill. It's a big 'ol book and I doubt I'll be able to finish it.
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    I just started a book about the US forces that used deception in WWII, rubber tanks, sound projection etc. so far its very interesting.

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    After months as a coffee table-type book, I just finished the New Essential Guide to Droids. Not bad, not as good as the Chronology or Characters, but overall okay. I like the switch to CG artwork for droids, but I still prefer the comic drawings for characters.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."


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