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    I'm actually doing more research on the eastern philosophies of war, though those certainly sound like they'd be worth reading in the future. I wasn't aware that Machiavelli had written a work on war. Course, that may be because that other book he's so famous for totally overshadows everything else on his resume.
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    I'm not sure if the Art of War was the actual title by Machiavelli or if it was added later down the road so people think of it with Sun Tzu. I did a quick check on Amazon and there are tons of books with the title of Art of War that span a huge timeframe, Viking, Roman - Civil War. And lets not forget the various adaptions: The Art of War for Sales, The Art of War for Executives etc.

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    Countdown to Infinite Crisis: Villains United – After the JLA lobotomizes arch-villain Dr. Light, Lex Luthor begins organizing costumed, criminal superhumans worldwide into a confederation that will exact revenge on the superhero community and eventually overthrow them. A rival faction to Luthor’s Society quickly develops, however, and the two groups battle for supremacy.

    Wonder Woman: Land of the Dead – Although blinded after a battle with Medousa, Wonder Woman and the Flash nevertheless track down Cheetah, who has freed Hunter Zolomon, or Zoom, from prison. Although the two criminals escape, the blind Wonder Woman returns to battling crime in the city when Athena orders her to enter the Land of the Dead and free the god Hermes from the clutches of Hades himself.

    Batman: The Long Halloween – Police Commissioner Gordon, DA Harvey Dent, and Batman all agree to work together to take down Gotham’s largest organized crime family, the Falcones, but only within the scope of the law. The emergence of a serial killer that preys upon mob family members complicates things for all three crime fighters, and the psychological problems plaguing Harvey Dent make him a prime suspect. Writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale pool their talent to make some cool comic noir in this crime drama.

    Star Wars Infinities: The Empire Strikes Back – When Luke dies from exposure on Hoth, Princess Leia travels to Dagobah to begin her Jedi training. After capturing his old protocol droid, 3PO, Vader learns the true fate of young Skywalker and also the location of the princess. Landing on Dagobah, Vader battles Master Yoda, Leia, and the Jedi Spirits of prequels past.

    The Amazing Spider-Man: Coming Home – Peter Parker, down on his luck as usual, meets a mysterious older gentlemen who knows Parker’s secret – and has similar powers to everyone’s favorite web-slinger. “Ezekiel” has used his spider ability to become the wealthy head of multinational conglomerate and wants to give something back to society - by helping it’s hero, Spidey, hide from Morlun, a vampyric entity who “eats” superheroes to remain immortal. But Spider-Man was never one to back down from a fight, and Parker falls back on his scientific mind when brute force isn’t enough to defeat this unstoppable force.
    Weird War Tales: Featuring the Creature Commandos #105 November 1981 (DC Comics)

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    And don't forget The Wart of Arrr! where the ugliness of being a pirate is exposed!
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    Finished Romeo's Ex: Rosaline's Story by Lisa Fiedler. It started out well, got bad, then it picked up, got weird, and by that time fell flat. Therefore, I give it an 8.2, a 6, a 7.3, a 6.4, and a 6.1, respectively.

    All I have now are my table-top books I've been working on for some time (New Essential Guide to Alien Species, Sculpting a Galaxy, and a local history one called Sleeping Giant on the history of the Inland Empire of southern CA).
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    Just started Summerland by Michael Chabon. Fun book so far. I can see this getting the Eragon, Terabithia, Harry Potter kid friendly epic movie treatment.
    Damn, I love the way he writes.
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    I have that, but haven't read it yet. I've loved everything else from Mr Chabon, Spider-Man 2 included.
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    Finished Allegiance the other night. It was enjoyable and I do recommend it.

    I won't reveal any plot spoilers but I will say this: Mara is more skilled/powerful in the Force than I thought she was, or was hinted in the Thrawn trilogy. At least in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OC47150 View Post
    I won't reveal any plot spoilers but I will say this: Mara is more skilled/powerful in the Force than I thought she was, or was hinted in the Thrawn trilogy. At least in my opinion.
    I noticed that, too. She comes across as virtually a Jedi in ability (yeah, Zahn puts some limits on her), but I always thought she was supposed to be a raw Force user. And at 18 years or so? Hmm.
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    You have to wonder if something event between now and when we're introduced to Mara in Heir happens where she loses some of her Force ability. I could see Zahn writing another book, revisiting this subject in the OT realm.

    I used by Borders Rewards Points and bought a '24' novel. Separate story from the TV show. The book I bought is the fourth in the series, and it's pre-season one. It involves the G8 summit in LA. It's pretty good so far. The chapters are set up like the show, in one-hour increments.


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