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Thread: Reading!

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    Finished Hard onto Timothy Zahn's Allegiance.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthQuack View Post
    Finished Hard onto Timothy Zahn's Allegiance.
    You'll like it. Back to the Zahn we all know and love (after the tepid "Hand of Thrawn" duology, IMHO).

    Quote Originally Posted by OC47150
    I finished the latest Last of the Jedi book. Can't wait for the next one to come out.

    I enjoy Jude Watson's writing style. I started the young Boba Fett series; I might have to pick those up again, as well as some of her other stories.
    I thought I read on a pre-order site that the next LotJ book had a different author listed. Hope that's not true.

    BTW, I'm reading Jules Verne's Paris in the 20th Century, called a "lost book." Slowly... should speed up the pace when school ends next week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    I thought I read on a pre-order site that the next LotJ book had a different author listed. Hope that's not true.
    Amazon has book 8 ("Against the Empire") listed with Jude Watson as the author.
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    Finished Jules Verne's Paris in the 20th Century. Not bad, very much like Orwell's 1984, written around 60-80 years prior, predicting pretty close to reality how the "future" in 1960 would be, technology-wise, and thinking-wise.

    Will begin the new SW Sacrifice soon, but from the sounds of it, I don't think I'm gonna like it much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketboy View Post
    Amazon has book 8 ("Against the Empire") listed with Jude Watson as the author.
    I saw that. That's great. Release date is Aug. 1. A quick read for the Labor Day weekend holiday.

    Reading Trail of the Fox, about Rommel, at the gym, and Ken Follett's Hornet Flight at home. The Follett is another WWII thriller, set in Denmark.

    The Rommel book is very interesting. It's an older book, published in the mid-70s, and the author interviewed several people who worked beside or knew Rommel. Rommel had a bit more of an ego than I was aware of.

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    I was actually starting to compile a list ( :drool: ) of books read as mentioned in this thread, but it got long and I quit.

    Almost done with Sacrifice. I am just waiting to find out what the sort-of-known info ends up being.
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    I finally finished The Making of SW. It was a long read, taking over a month in little parts at a time, but very informative. Also got to the end of Sacrifice. Not too surprising, but actually it's been the best Legacy book so far, IMO (which might not say too much, considering how I have disliked the series so far, but it's not bad).
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    Finished Allegiance and now onto The Truce at Bakura!
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    My summer reading quest is on! For the past 3 summers, I've set a goal to read 30 books (haven't reached it yet: '04 - 28, '05 - 29, '06 - 25), so here goes...

    Finished Digging for the Truth, a behind-the-scenes book from Josh Bernstein, the host of the History Channel TV show of the same name. Kind of Indiana Jones meets Rachel Rae. But not bad; written a little below the level of most books I read but still enjoyable.

    The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgsen Burnett. Yeah, this might seem to be "below the level of most books I read," but 19th century British writers have a history of being harder to follow. A good story full of positivity; need more of those today.

    I plan to follow a "secret" motif this summer: The Secret Garden, The Secret, The Secret Life of Bees. Will begin Secrets by Danielle Steel soon (I also try to branch out and choose genres I don't normally read).
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    Finished three more:

    Secrets by romance novelist Danielle Steel. I am usually not into this genre, in fact, I only chose it because a) I hadn't read any of her stuff yet and b) it fit my "secret" motif. It was okay, again without having many romance books with which to compare it. Set in the mid-1980s amid the glamorous prime time TV dramas, I don't even know if I'd consider it a true romance story.

    The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. First off, let me say that there are few books that actually make me angry, Mr. Magee. :hulksmash: I chose this one because a) I'd heard so much hype about it that I felt compelled to read it and b) it fit my "secret" motif. I will take a deep breath before I begin my review.


    There. It's listed as a positive book, about self-help, success, and holding "the secret" to happiness. Yes, it is positive, but underneath (and not so hidden, I might add) it is selfish, materialistic, simplistic, misleading, and oozing with un-earned entitlement. There are blatant lies (misquoting a quote one paragraph before! ), misleading "evidence" based on generalities and weak assumptions, contradictory views, and appeals to emotions for all the wrong reasons. I tried to laugh at its assertions, but it frustrated me too much. It will make my new Top Ten Worst Books, when I revise such a list.

    Talk to the Hand by Lynne Truss. This disappointing book was my own fault. Her first book was a humorous view of grammar-gone-wrong, and I expected more of the same. However, I missed all the cover summaries and introduction that showed it would be more realistically depressing about how poor manners have become in society today. It was honest and at times gave a chuckle, but overall it left me feeling depressed at today's people.

    Starting The Lovely Bones, another downer (based on how it's begun so far). That puts me at six books now, around 1500 pages after a week of vacation.
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