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Thread: Reading!

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    Reading the Bible (complete with Apocrypha and a ton of notes) cover to cover for the first time. I've tried before and failed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Reading the Bible (complete with Apocrypha and a ton of notes) cover to cover for the first time. I've tried before and failed.
    I started that same thing in '94. Got to somewhere around Kings, I think, but stalled at that point.
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    Funny, when I tried before (around 1999), I got to Kings or Chronicles and lost steam myself.

    The thing that makes it hard is that so much of it I've read so many times that it gets tough to read those parts again. And then there's the geneologies coming up in Numbers. Not looking forward to those.
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    Jesus dies then comes back as a zombie then disappears!

    [FONT=Book Antiqua]He passes to Moses - He shoots, he scores![/FONT]
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    Finished Licensed Renewed. Took me longer than I thought.

    Started Lone Survivor, about a Navy SEAL team in Afghanistan. The author was the only survivor of a ambush/battle. The team's leader was awarded the Medal of Honor.

    Still waiting to get Death Star from the library. It's always checked out!!

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    I read a book. Hooray! It was the penultimate one in the Legacy SW series, Revelation. I was actually interested in its ending, but I guess I'll really have to wait until the last one, Invincible, in a few months.
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    Teacher Man by Frank McCourt (of Angela's Ashes fame). This was a discount book, and as a teacher, I thought it'd be good for me. On the back cover, there were reviews saying this should be required reading for all teachers, English teachers would love it, etc. Well, it was depressing at times, somewhat inspiring (if you have autonomy in lesson planning and subject matter), and often odd. Can't honestly recommend it, but nor can I say to avoid it. Weird book.

    I have no books in the hopper right now, as I am taking a reading break for a little while (spring break this week, then seven straight no-days-off weeks).
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    Currently reading Tatooine Ghost so far not a bad read about 80 pages in....liking the plot so far.
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    I, Jedi by Stackpole. So far not as good as his X-wing series or Grand Crusade, When Dragons Rage Series. The Grand Crusade series was a fantasy novel but it had everything, although I must admit I wasn't happy with a certain part of the ending but the other 95% of the series was fantastic. Those are two of the titles of the series (four all together) Ican't remember the actually series name. X-wing was my favorite of the Star wars books but I think he could have done them better if he would have wrote them lik he did that series. Next book I am going to start is Born Queen by Greg Keyes, the 4th book in the Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone series. I highly recommend it!

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    Fatherhood by Bill Cosby. I wanted something short (under 180 pages, check), something funny (was basically all the family-related jokes from his "Himself" routine, which is hilarious, check), and by someone familiar (my favorite all-time comedian, check). It did the trick.
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