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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Working on The Mothman PropheciesJohn Keel is like Graham Hancock in that he's such a good writer that you are willing to overlook that he's a crackpot (though, in fairness, Keel seems a lot more level-headed than Hancock or a lot of other pseudo-scientists, and is mostly reporting incidents without much commentary).
    Graham Hancock and many of the old Coast to Coast AM crowd during Art Bell's reign are extremely entertaining writers. If all they wrote were true, and they certainly believe it is, we'd all live in a much more comic book-ish universe.

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    I wanted something a little older and funnier, so I found a book by Steve Allen, Make 'Em Laugh. It worked on me; I decided to leave the library yesterday because I couldn't hold in my laughter in one chapter. Most of it was retelling stories or scripts of bits and shows.
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    I finished HS at Stars' End and started HS and the Lost Legacy. It's been years since I've read these books, and it's a fun return to a pre-ANH world.

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    Inspired by my vacation to FL and the Kennedy Space Center, just finished Failure Is Not an Option by former NASA flight controller Gene Franz. Both facinating and disappointing: amazing to read how the space departments created technology and programs out of almost nothing, with the support of the government and the American people, despite all the dangers involved; disappointing because, as his epilogue stated, there is no support for space exploration much anymore, to the detriment of society.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    there is no support for space exploration much anymore, to the detriment of society.
    I have a family member who is an engineer at Nasa and the stories he tells are incredible in terms of how much the climate has changed over the years. Wonder has left our national collective unconscious when it comes to space travel. Interestingly, that decline coincides ironically with birth of and expansion of Star Wars. Logic would seemingly dictate the opposite.

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    Two more, to reach the 2000+ pages read mark so far this summer.

    For Buckeye Fans Only! by Rich Wolfe. He has a series of books by/for/about sports teams and players. Famous and insider people wrote brief reflections and essays on various Ohio State memories and topics. It started out as "let's write about Woody Hayes or Jim Tressel," which was interesting but got repetitive, and became a nice read by the end.

    Frames by Loren Estleman. I've read a few of his other books and like his style. This was about a "film detective" (archivist and preserver of old movies) who finds a lost cut of a silent film in a decaying theater. It was pretty good; dialogue was funny and witty throughout.

    So, I've read 7 books (averaging about 285 pages each), each author starting with a different letter of the alphabet (A, B, E, G, K, P, and W), so I'll see how long I can go without repeating a letter (I've started a "V" writer); that'd be cool if I can read exactly 26 books this time.
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    The Unwritten Rules Of Baseball. This is often something that is said and I've always wondered why somebody wouldn't write them down, well somebody did (sorry I don't recall the author). Oddly enough I actually knew most of the rules and the ones I didn't know weren't shocking. Still, it was a fun quick read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimJamBonds View Post
    The Unwritten Rules Of Baseball. ... Still, it was a fun quick read.
    For being unwritten, it should've been quick.


    I know, the rules were typed, not written.

    And, I should have read The Devil and Daniel Webster or something for post #666 above.
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    In a totally unfair and perhaps blasphemous analogy; read Candide, Zadig, and Selected Stories by France's 18th century Eminem, Voltaire. It was sometimes humorous, occasionally risque or rude, but mostly depressing and negative, as most satires of political and societal ills tend to be.
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    Do you mean me BCJ??? I read Candide in college. I don't remember.... well, anything but I know I read it in college.


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