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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArtist View Post
    looking forward to 11/30 and the release of Fate of the Jedi Vortex
    I noticed that the CD book and novel have slightly different blaster poses by Han.

    I finished a non-SW book! Hooray for Bel-Cam! Hooray for me!
    Spencer Quinn's newest "Chet and Bernie Mystery" titled To Fetch a Thief came out about a fortnight back, but the library didn't get it in until this week. I was looking forward to it with bated breath (dog pun humor), but it turned out to be a more serious tone story than the previous two. Still a good story, I just never laughed while reading (can't even recall a chuckle). It sounds like the characters are fleshing themselves out and the themes and motifs are realistic, just would prefer the funny and joking style of the first books (and the premise was to find a missing circus elephant, too).
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Read Coruscant Nights 2. I enjoyed it better than the first, but found the Typho crushing on Padme to be a little unbelievable.

    Also finished Fate of the Jedi Backlash. Not too bad...until the end. SPOILER:

    The Sith mysteriously appearing in their spacecraft and shuttles wasn't very believable.

    I enjoyed this Jedi book better than the last one. I think it's because Allston's a capable writer.

    Next up is Operation Mincemeat, the Man Who Wasn't There operation from WWII.

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    I finished Hitler's Holy Relics the other day. It follows the story of various art works that the Nazi's took from various countries back to Germany. The best known would be relics from the Holy Roman Empire. It was a very interesting read, one of the best things I've read in quite some time.

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    Finally finished The 9th Air Force In World War II by Kenn Rust. I understand it's pretty much considered the bible with regards to the tactical air force that supported the ground troops in their march to Berlin. Rust covers the origin of the 9th in North Africa and its move into Europe.

    The book is out of print and I had to chase it down on eBay (took me almost two years to get it at a decent price). Very much worth the effort and a good read.

    A good look at the "down and dirty" jobs the 9th had to do in Europe with little recognition. The 8th air force with the heavy bombers (B-17s and B-24s) grabbed all the headlines while the 9th with its medium and light bombers were responsible for a lot of the successes on the ground. Patton had high praise for the 9th.

    If interested, you'll probably have to look in a library to find the book.
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    So in a nutshell the 8th bombed the cites and whatnot and the 9th was closer to front line operations?

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    Exactly. The 9th provided close air support (P-38s, P-47s, and P-51s) for our ground troops; medium bombers (B-25s, B-26s) and light bombers (A-20s, A-26s) went after bridges, buzz-bomb sites, air fields, marshaling yards, train depots, radar sites, etc. (something you almost never see in WWII movies). There were also recon and night fighting wings. Their specialty was to bomb from medium heights down to ground level (the light bombers would go on strafing missions after their bomb runs, when possible).

    They worked hand-in-hand with the ground troops to help their advance while at the same time went after the German's abilities to move troops and re-supply to the front. The 9th instituted a program of exchanging ground troops with air crews as forward observers. Each understood the other's missions in that way and it worked to their mutual advantage. Almost universally, however, the ground guys thought the air guys were nuts to fight that way and vice versa.

    These sites may be of interest. My uncle, Lt. William Edward Cramsie (who was KIA), flew for the 416th Bomb Group (L) of the 9th Air Force:
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    Very cool, I just did a search of my area libraries and they do not have the book you mentioned which is a bummer. What you mentioned sounds really interesting.

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    I finished yet another Harry Turtledove book the other day. This one was Hitler's War: East and West. In a nutshell WWII starts a couple of years early and in this second installment of the Hitler's War series Germany attacks the Soviet Union and also invades the Scandinavian counties as well. If you're familiar with Turtledove then you know his style and what to expect. Not his best work but still a solid read.

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    Once more, the staff of The Daily Show puts together a fun book, this time it's Earth (The Book), a guide for supposed alien visitors to understand human history and behavior. I laughed several times, was shocked once or twice, and was bored at other instances. Overall, pretty funny and satirical; sounds like their program.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    7 Deadly Words: The Life and Crimes of George Carlin. This was a pretty good bio, however if you've read his autobio that came out earlier this year then this book didn't break much new ground. Still, if you're a Carlin fan its still a good read reguardless.


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