I've been on a pretty decent reading kick as of late and I'm looking for something new.

Not too long ago, I finished Chuck Bariss' Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.
Very good book, a lot better than I expected. For those that don't know, "Gong Show" host Chuck Bariss claims he while he created shows like "The Dating Game" and "The Newlywed Game" he was also an assassin for the CIA. Not so sure I believe his claims, but as you read the book you almost want to believe it. Saw the movie afterward and was really disappointed by it.

Also recently read Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas. It's about title character Odd Thomas, a guy that can see dead people. That is where the similarities with The Sixth Sense end - this book is actually entertaining. It ran a little bit long at times for me at times though.

Just finished a very old an d beat up copy of Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo. Also very good and scary in a "I couldn't imagine" type of way. Imagine being a WWI soldier and getting blown to bits and surviving but you have no arms, legs, eyes, teeth, and a tongue.
If you've ever seen the Metallica video for "One" they play clips of the '71 movie version in it.

Currently, I'm in the middle of Star Wars: The Approaching Storm and The Partly Couldy Patriot by Sarah Vowel.
TAS is decent but nothing special. The latter is a collection of articles, essays, and pieces she did for various magazines and NPR. Pretty good, but politically nerdy stuff.

I'd like to find Gregory McDonald's Flecth Won. All the bookstores near me don't have any in stock. The possibilty of Kevin Smith doing a new, book faithful version (maybe with Zach Braff as Flecth) has snagged my curiosity.
Has anyone read Motley Crue's The Dirt? Saw it the other day, but passed. I didn't really want to spend $15 on a paperback that I'm not so sure I'd like.

Anyone have a summer reading list...
or just a reading list in general...
or just finished reading anything?