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Thread: Reading!

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    I've been on a pretty decent reading kick as of late and I'm looking for something new.

    Not too long ago, I finished Chuck Bariss' Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.
    Very good book, a lot better than I expected. For those that don't know, "Gong Show" host Chuck Bariss claims he while he created shows like "The Dating Game" and "The Newlywed Game" he was also an assassin for the CIA. Not so sure I believe his claims, but as you read the book you almost want to believe it. Saw the movie afterward and was really disappointed by it.

    Also recently read Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas. It's about title character Odd Thomas, a guy that can see dead people. That is where the similarities with The Sixth Sense end - this book is actually entertaining. It ran a little bit long at times for me at times though.

    Just finished a very old an d beat up copy of Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo. Also very good and scary in a "I couldn't imagine" type of way. Imagine being a WWI soldier and getting blown to bits and surviving but you have no arms, legs, eyes, teeth, and a tongue.
    If you've ever seen the Metallica video for "One" they play clips of the '71 movie version in it.

    Currently, I'm in the middle of Star Wars: The Approaching Storm and The Partly Couldy Patriot by Sarah Vowel.
    TAS is decent but nothing special. The latter is a collection of articles, essays, and pieces she did for various magazines and NPR. Pretty good, but politically nerdy stuff.

    I'd like to find Gregory McDonald's Flecth Won. All the bookstores near me don't have any in stock. The possibilty of Kevin Smith doing a new, book faithful version (maybe with Zach Braff as Flecth) has snagged my curiosity.
    Has anyone read Motley Crue's The Dirt? Saw it the other day, but passed. I didn't really want to spend $15 on a paperback that I'm not so sure I'd like.

    Anyone have a summer reading list...
    or just a reading list in general...
    or just finished reading anything?
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    Re: Reading!

    i plan on reading books that pertain to Greek and Norse mythology to further expand my knowledge.

    other than that, i usally collect "Art Of" books. i love to read and study all the concept art and learn what the artsist did to achieve the design. since i'm taking art classes then moving onto computer anaimation classes these books do help out a lot. i have a huge collection of them, spanning from Star Wars to Anime/Video Games.
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    Re: Reading!

    Right now im reading Force Heretic 3 and I hope to finish that by the end of the week so I can read the last two of the NJO in Alaska (two long plane rides). I hope I can finish them.. but I found out that theres a gym at the marriot- so Im gonna be in there a lot.. (Is it hard to read on a treadmill..? I dont have a treadmill but run 3 miles a day at my old middle school's track right by my house) Ok.. back to books. IF i finish NJO when Im in alaska I will be able to purcahse Dark Nest 1 when im in Northern CA (auburn). Then after that maybe I'll read Zahn's trillogy and dulogy.. but I do have to read some junk for school: Huck Finn, Ethan Frome and Genesis (bible). Not too bad, but I have to do a lot of essays and junk with Huck Finn.

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    Re: Reading!

    Right now I'm reading "Road to Hell", which is a book about how outlaw motorcycle gangs became the leading organize crime faction in Canada. It's moving along pretty well. The last book I read before that was "Labyrinth of Evil" (twice) and the novellization of EpIII. I'm winding up for the big release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, but was kind of hoping to go over part 5 again before I started it. Might not be enough time.

    A friend recommended Chuck Pahlaniuk (sp?), who wrote "Fight Club", so I checked that book out. It's quite good, and quite faithful to the movie .

    I also enjoy reading Stephen King and Elmore Leonard, pretty typical stuff.

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    Re: Reading!

    I'm currently reading the ROTS novelization and a horror collection called "From the Borderlands." Prior to that I read "House of Blood" by Bryan Smith, "Shadows of the Empire" (first time!), and "In the Night Room" by Peter Straub.

    Looking over my reading list for the past year it seems to be dominated by horror, with entries from Stephen King (Christine, Green Mile, Pet Sematary), William F. Nolan (Nightworlds), Richard Matheson (Hell House), Peter Straub (Houses Without Doors, Lost Boy Lost Girl) and Michael Crichton (Andromeda Strain).

    Throw in a sprinkling of scifi/fantasy with L. Ron Hubbard (Battlefield Earth) and Douglas Addams (Dirk Gently series).

    I'm getting tired of horror though, it's just too damn depressing. All those people getting killed, mangled bodies and such. So time for something more uplifting or lighter in tone. Maybe a historical account - I think "1776" by Richard McCullough looks interesting. I've never read any of Harry Potter's adventures so I might start on them.
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    Re: Reading!

    I've been reading just an odd collection of books,none to be in a real set genre or series like I normally read.So far,I have finished rereading "The Martian Chronicles" by Ray Bradbury and currently reading "Something Wicked Comes This Way" and "The Toynbee Convector" also by Bradbury.In the same SciFi/Paranormal vein,read Slyiva Browne's "Secrets and Mysteries of the World". Wasnt a bad book,found that very interesting.

    Also finished awhile back "The Making of a Surgeon" by William Nolen. The book was certainly dated by todays standards,but I liked the way it was written.Has some good bits of humor injected in.

    I plan on reading "Hot Lights,Cold Steel" by Michael J. Collins and the lastest Harry Potter of course.I'd like to read "Ideas & Opinions" By Albert Einstein,but dont know if I'll get there before summer ends
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    Re: Reading!

    Quote Originally Posted by jjreason
    A friend recommended Chuck Pahlaniuk (sp?), who wrote "Fight Club", so I checked that book out. It's quite good, and quite faithful to the movie .
    Not sure what's harder: spelling or pronouncing his name!
    I want to read his new one, Haunted, a collection of short horror stories that, according to what I've heard (which may be just publicity), some people have actually passed out from reading it.
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    Re: Reading!

    Those are some good choices there Rocketboy! What do you think of Confessions? It seems hard to belive that its true but then again??? Johnny Got His Gun nice bedtime reading huhh? Johnny is probably one of the most messed up books I have ever read. If you want to go up in time a bit Slaughterhouse Five is another nice bedtime reader.

    As for me I'm currently working my way through the OT, currently I'm at ESB. A memoir by David K. Webster called Parachute Infantry. Mr. Webster was a Screaming Eagle, he was in the 101st Airborne during WW II and this tells his tale (he was one of the characters in the Band of Brothers mini-series). I'm constantly reading historical books that range from French and Indian War, Lewis and Clark, War of 1812 etc. through World War II.

    As I posted in another thread I'm eagerly awaiting the newest Harry Turtledove book Drive to the East. Also on my can't wait for list is Band of Brothers by Alexander Kent who has written a series based during the era of tall ships, if you like Master and Commander then you'd like this series.

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    Re: Reading!

    I'm a teacher, and an English teacher at that. My students go to the beach or the mountains on their breaks; I go to the library.

    This summer:
    - The Uses of Enchantment Bruno Bettelheim (about fairy tales' value, George Lucas was inspired by it to write SW)
    - Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goleman (another Lucas influence, this time on the Prequels, but less interesting than T.U.of E.)
    - the 7 Chronicles of Narnia books
    - Their Eyes Were Watching God Zora Neale Hurston
    - The Bridges of Madison County James Waller (just wanted to read what all the hype was about those years ago: eh )
    - Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little E.B. White (the latter was hilarious! )
    - Remembering Woolworth's Karen Plunkett-Powell (nice nostalgic look back a the early 5 & 10 store chain)
    - others that I forget right now.

    Last summer:
    28 different books, almost 9000 pages. Loved every minute of it. The greatest thing about reading is that one must take time to do it. It is a conscious effort, and IMHO, better than almost any film. Mostly.
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    Re: Reading!

    I recently finished Zorro by Isabel Allende. A mega-talented Latin American writer tackling the tale. Until Gabriel Garcia Marquez writes the book where Luke finds out about his mother, this will be the coolest crossover book of this sort ever written.

    I'm currently reading Memoirs of a Geisha. This seems to be another excellent book thus far.
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