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Thread: Reading!

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    Those are both pretty good for lit novels. I enjoyed Huck more for some reason.
    hurray for birthdays!

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    With Ji'dai readin' all that (mostly) classic lit, I've been re-reading a ton of my old comics, mostly X-Men stuff from the 90's.
    Ahhhh nostalgia.
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    One of the things I do is historical reenactments, I've been putting together a new "persona" (a member of the Corps of Topographical Engineers) so I've been reading info on historical survey's and other exciting stuff like that.

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    I hadn't posted any of my recent readings here for a while, so I might've forgotten a few. I actually have not had a much time as I used to read, but I sneak in a couple here or there.

    - The first 12 books of the Series of Unfortunate Events (these are great, even if they're supposedly for kids! there's a lot of allusions and comments that I'm certain most kids might miss, and they're around 200-300 pages each, so they'll take some time to finish)

    - Casino Royale (my first Ian Fleming James Bond novel... and my last one; ugh)

    - SW: Dark Nest III (not too bad, but not too great either)

    - SW: Dark Lord (this was one of the best SW novels I've read, ever, not just recently, with quite a bit of insider info into the mind and body of Anakin/Vader)

    I'm about 1/3 through a mystery/crime novel Something Borrowed, Something Black by Loren Estleman (not bad so far)
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    I've been bogged down by Dark Nest III: Swarm War for a while myself. I just cannot get interested in those stupid bugs!
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    I just finished Richard Matheson's I Am Legend a few hours ago.

    Wow, how the hell I've missed reading this book until now is beyond me. I am glad I did, though.

    After reading the ending, I can see why Matheson's work was natural for use on The Twilight Zone.

    It was great to finally read a novel that I enjoyed and I'd certainly take 100 more novels like I Am Legend over much of the "classic literature" being forced onto me in college.
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    Quote Originally Posted by James Boba Fettfield
    I just finished Richard Matheson's I Am Legend a few hours ago.
    I want to read that one too but someone lost/stole the copy from the library. They did get in Matheson's Hell House, which is a pretty decent haunted house story. I Am Legend was made into a watchable sci-fi flick called the Omega Man with Charlton Heston. Heston plays the last healthy man on Earth after a plague wipes out most of mankind and mutates the remaining survivors. It was parodied on one of the Simpsons THOH episodes ("Homega Man," I think).

    Heston made quite a few sci-fi films in the late 60s early 70s, which is probably what killed the genre until Star Wars revived it

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    I almost bought Hell House, too, but decided against it. Then I almost bought a three volume set that collects his short stories, but didn't do that either. I thought I should read I Am Legend and the selection of short stories it includes first to see if I like his writing style. I do, too. The man is clear and to the point and he seems (so far) to know how to end his stories in a way that you don't know what's going to happen until you finish the last sentence.

    I've been curious to see The Omega Man before I knew about the novel's connection. I think there was another movie inspired by it with Vincent Price, too.

    However, I would hope I Am Legend receives a proper movie adaptation that stays a bit more faithful to its source material because this novel would make a kick *** movie.
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    You'd think vampires would be pretty mined out by now. Still, with the popularity of Underworld and Blade franchises, we might see a faithful adaptation of I Am Legend. Though they'd probably turn it into a dark surbuban comedy or something.

    Has anyone picked up a copy of Stephen King's new one, Cell? The plot is a twist on the "Night of the Living Dead" with cell phones being the primary vector for the infection after a mysterious "pulse" turns users into vicious maniacs.

    It's gonna be awhile till I get a chance to read it since the library website says my position in the holds queue is #20.
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    I'm holding out hope for it to be done, Ji'dai. My fear is that too many people will think it is a ripoff of other sources when in fact Legend is usually being borrowed from by the new stuff.

    I haven't started reading Cell, but I did pick it up on Sunday after much thinking and Guyute telling me to "get it now." The dedication to Matheson in the book is why I picked up I Am Legend.

    I also picked up Keene's two dead books (The Rising, City of the Dead) and two horror anthologies (Dark Delicacies, The Dark Descent). I went on a kick where I decided it's time to start expanding my personal library and what better way to do that than to get some horror in there.

    Been too long since I've read any horror...except for that college course in Poe last quarter.
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