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With all the talk of historical and military books out there, I want to read The Art of War, but my local libraries all have had their copies out for a long time.
Ahh the Art of War... by whom: Sun Tzu? Clausewitz? Napoleon? Frederick the Great? And yes I have each of the above authors version of the 'art of war.'

I finished "The Grapple" by Harry Turtledove his latest in a long string of alt history books where the South won the CW, the South also won a war in the 1880's against the US. The US won WWI and in the current series WW II is being fought.

I'm working on "Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters" which shouldn't be confused with "Biggest Brother" another bio on the life of Maj. Winters.

Next: back to "When the Mississipi Ran Backwards" about the New Madrid earthquakes in 18teens and then "Nelson's Sailor's" about sailors during the Napoleonic War period.