With the new school year resuming tomorrow (school starting on August 10th?!? what the-?!? ), my "summer" is officially closed as of today. I was able to sneak in a short 200-pager before the end, called California Blue by David Klass. It's about a kid who discovers a new species of butterfly on land owned by a logging company. It is also a father-whose-treatment-of-his-son-seems-unfair tale, that ended realistically, which you don't always read in a young adult book. Not bad, bit of a downer (cancer plotline in there, too), but I can see why it won awards.

So, that leaves my statistics as follows:
Books read: 21
Total pages (estimate): 6100
Average per book: 290
Most commonly read author's last name by letter: tie (C and K)

6-year summer totals:
Books read: 160
Total pages (estimate): 42,400
Average per book: 265

Sigh... will try to get some other reading in whenever I can for the rest of '09 (there will be SW books; Omen should be here soon).