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The series is based on the book of the same name by Mark Stein. Maybe worth adding to your reading list (*drool*), BCJ.


It is a very good series as SK said. It was broadcast earlier on the History Channel but this current series appears to have been either upgraded or expanded. Great stuff for history buffs!
And to paraphrase The Little Red Hen, "And so I did."

How the States Got Their Shapes Too by Mark Stein. The first book (without the "Too" word) by this author was still checked out from the library, so I read his second. Based on the individuals who were a part of such disagreements, it traces the development of why the boundaries and borders of the USA states are what they are... now. I suspect the maps won't always look the way they do right now. Some parts were a little funny, but it could even be a primer for US history from the pre-Revolution days to the present.