Finished Casino Royale and Live and Let Die, now halfway through Moonraker. Since you can only borrow 1 book per month from the Kindle Prime reading library, I ended up buying Live and Let Die and Moonraker, and have already borrowed Diamonds are Forever (I have it set in my calendar to borrow a book on the first of every month now ).

Live and Let Die is in some ways similar to the film (it was the first Roger Moore 007 outing) and in other ways very different, and it's interesting that there's scenes in it that were used in different 007 films, License to Kill and For Your Eyes Only immediately spring to mind. The wrap-up on Live and Let Die comes surprisingly late and is quite spartan compared to the rest of the book, but the use of the gruesome death of a major character keeps it from feeling underwhelming. The way the ethnic dialogue is written phonetically borders on racist, but the various characterizations feel boldly ahead of their time, and not all of the racist Harlem dialogue comes from negative stereotypes. It's certainly less jarring than Bond thinking about "the sweet tang of rape" in Casino Royale, holy crap was that an offputting line.

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I liked the JB books; and yes, they are short and quick reads.

I wonder if, once paperback editions are released, that e-books' prices will drop to the cheaper cover price.
Moonraker is proving to be anything but a short read. It's compelling, but holy crap is it taking its time describing feelings and things. It's only a quarter longer than Casino Royale but it's already spent more time doing very little, and it's on purpose, there's a sense of the mundane portion of Bond's life at work here.

I don't think Kindle prices are directly tied to paperback prices, but Amazon in general is very active in making sure they are competitive in any market down to a minute-by-minute basis, so I'm sure it would have some effect.

Annoyingly, and as I feared, the Bond books went up in price on Kindle from $7 to $7.99 once the 50th anniversary month was over.