Finished The Spy Who Loved Me, the second half of this book could have been Raymond Chandler the way it went down, no spycraft at all, but very much felt like something Philip Marlowe might have done having found himself in that situation. I think the point about Bond being part of a dark, dangerous, unheroic world is lost here, it's more words than deeds, had Fleming gone back and reworked this book I think it would have been received as a success - the main protagonist is a pretty rounded Bond girl and she shoots back, she thinks about what's going on - it's just that there's no balance to this story, and no espionage (not that Bond is a particularly espionage-heavy series anyway, but it's never played less of a role so far than it failed to here). The worst part is that Fleming had he not put Bond in the story basically would have crafted a serviceable romance novel, obviously that wasn't the intention.

From Russia With Love is a pretty good book, but I actually like the movie more, there's more spycraft and Tania is a more rounded character, Bond is colder, and the ending is drawn out more.