It's odd how some books I read end up connecting so well with others I've recently finished.

Mary Coin by Marisa Silver. I bought this hardcover book to help the school's book faire at B&N, and its connection to The Grapes of Wrath. Based on Dorothea Lange's famous photo "Migrant Mother," it creates a fictionalized history of the woman (Mary) with her family, Lange (Vera dare) who photographed her, and a college history professor (Walker Dodge) who finds out some background about the iconic picture. It follows all three in their separate time periods, with some unexpected plot details that emerge. It began the way I thought it would, but the last 1/4 of the book surprised me; I liked it.

The Jim Plunkett Story by Jim Plunkett and Dave Newhouse. The football star wrote this autobiography the year after he won the MVP of Super Bowl XV. Very simple in style, but with interesting references and minute details of specific key games in his college and pro career. He mentioned G of W and the Central Valley region of CA where he grew up.

For the summer, I don't expect to read as many books as I have in past summers, but I've passed the 3000-page mark, with 11 books so far.