Two completely different books:

Hummingbird Lake by Emily March. I try to branch out to different genres from time to time, even ones I don't like (such as romance, in this case); and with this year's summer reading theme with animals, this also had that going for it. With all that said, this is one of the worst books I've read in some time. I don't care about spoilers. Premise: a former doctor who is haunted by traumatic events in her past, moves to a cozy Colorado hill region and becomes a fairly-famous and successful painter (fairies is her best subject). Enter a hot (the author's words, not mine) former-college-professor-now-accident-reviewer who pursues her. She hates him, but still goes out with him, even becoming intimate multiple times with him. Flash forward to the last chapter, where in the local art contest, one of the people who's entered an item is discovered to be a... you know what; I'll probably get banned for continuing. Awful. Just terrible ending. And it was bad before then.

Let Me Off at the Top! by Ron Burgundy. His autobiography "novel" as he calls it. If you saw the documentaries (what he calls the two movies), you know what to expect. Not as LOL funny as I thought, but the Star Wars references early on are awesome (one: he graduated from Our Lady Queen of Chewbacca High School), and it's silly in a great way.