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    New Medicom 12 Inch Darth Vader

    A few days ago, as wallets aound the world began screaming, Medicom's Real action Hero collection Darth Vader was released. This is definitely the ultimate 12 inch representation of Vader...and it only costs $200!

    Its hard to swallow the price on this one but for a character like Vader its worth it imho. The quality of this is leaps and bounds better than any of Hasbro's 12 inch figures (as it should be considering the cost. I try to justify what it costs by considering the fact that since the Hasbro line has died I will be saving some money.

    I had one on pre-order and can't wait for mine to arrive next week. I can honestly say that I have been looking forward to this figure more than any star wars collectible that I have bought in the last few years. This is the Vader figure that I have wanted ever since I was a kid!

    There are various sellers on ebay with this figure in hand and most of the auctions have nice pics of the fig, but for those that want one should keep in mind that Medicom supposedly sent out less than expected so the price might rise soon (the medicom spider-man started at $170 and witin a couple months is now at $350-400).

    Anyway, here are two links with really nice pictures of the figure:

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    Re: New Medicom 12 Inch Darth Vader

    I have had one of these on pre-order for a while now, and just like you, I'm really excited about getting it. It's gonna look great next to the Marmit Fett!

    According to, they will be shipping at the end of June. I hope I don't get screwed by allocations on this one...

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    Re: New Medicom 12 Inch Darth Vader

    Yeah, I heard that Medicom didn't send out the full shipment, so some people won't be getting theirs until August. Of course, since Action Hq is such a big store, I am sure that they over ordered so much that they will receive enough to at least fill the pre-orders.

    Most sellers have already started shipping so there is a good chance that yours has already shipped or will ship in the next few days.

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    Re: New Medicom 12 Inch Darth Vader

    How does this one look compared to the Gentle Giants Statue? I just put $25 down on a GG Vader, and the total is about $200. Is this one more detailed? It looks great, and I don't remember quite what the one I put my money on looks like side by side.
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    Re: New Medicom 12 Inch Darth Vader

    I personally think that it looks alot better than the Gentle Giant statue. IMO the helmet looks more accurate and its even removable (the helmet is also painted more accurately as it has the two tone paint scheme rather than the solid black paint job of the gentle giant statue).

    EDIT: I just remembered that the Gentle Giant Vader is based on the Revenge of the Sith suit (even though GG claims its not) and the Medicom Vader is based on the Return of the Jedi suit. Looking at it that way, the GG statue may not be as inaccurate as I make it seem...though I still like the Medicom version more
    I guess I just like the Return of the Jedi Vader.

    Also, with the Medicom vader, there are loads of articulation. I have the Medicom 12 inch Luke and the amount of articulation is better than any other 12 inch figure I have ever seen. Leaps and bounds more than Hasbro 12 inch figures. Medicom Vader comes with six different hands so alot of poses can be made. Of course with the Gentle Giant statue your stuck with one pose.

    To compare, here is an auction with some pictures of the Gentle Giant Darth Vader statue.

    I also believe that the Medicom Vader looks more accurate than the $350 1/4th scale Sideshow statue. Again I think the helmet looks more accurate and the Sideshow version looks too skinny. Here's a link to pics of the Sideshow statue:
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