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    What have you won in a contest, or raffle?

    After I won a CD six pack of new music, I began to think of other things that I had won during my 40 years here on Earth. Like I mentioned I won a CD six pack of new music which included Seether, the Offspring, Static X, Disturbed, and two others. Other things I have won that I can remember:

    Radio Station call in contests:
    Rush concert tickets
    ZZ Top concert tickets
    Black Crowes concert tickets
    Coleco PacMan game

    Fast Food:
    Two Tusken Raider mugs
    various food prizes

    Various other contest winnings:
    Obi Wan Kenobi mug (Star Wars fan club creativity contest 1980 or 81)
    $100 worth of Star Wars figures on Hasbro's online contest 2 yrs ago

    I'm sure I'll think of more that I didn't post. So what have you won during your lifetime?
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    Re: What have you won in a contest, or raffle?

    Back in April I won a t-shirt in Hasbro's "Break the Emperor's Code" online game.

    Last spring I won the Diamond Select Toys Hellboy trivia contest. I won three Hellboy plush dolls and an autographed theatrical poster signed by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, director Guillermo Del Toro, and actors Ron Perlman and Selma Blair.

    Hasbro/Kenner had an online trivia contest years ago that I won as well. The contest would be scheduled at odd times during the day and I finally was able to play early one morning before work. I won a B'omarr Monk figure, which was the main prize and was the only way to get that figure at that time. (The Monk was later a mail-away figure offer; then appeared in the SAGA Deluxe set).

    Oh, when I was a kid I won a Huffy bicycle from a grocery store's in-store contest. It was a great bike: black paint job, chain guard, racing placard with number mounted on the handlebars, and a banana seat. I was feeling sick though when we went to pick it up. I didn't want to leave the backseat of the car to get my picture taken with the bike in the store but they got me to do it. It's a gyp having the flu in summer. Such a waste.
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    Re: What have you won in a contest, or raffle?

    Lets see:

    Pizza Hutt Pizza's.
    7-up Radio in shape of a can
    NIN Concert tickets
    Lynard Skynard/ZZ Topp conecrt tickets
    John Fogerty Concert tickets

    Emperors code T-shirt

    At my job(they have some contests):

    A Starz CLock
    Soprano's Clock
    Soprano's deck of cards
    Sex and the CIty Magic 8-ball
    Multitudes of gift cards(Target and WM)
    Dinner of my choosing on the Director of our center
    Multitudes of T-shirts
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    Re: What have you won in a contest, or raffle?

    $50 giftcertificate from a raffel thing
    Signed Empire comic (triva game at SDCC last year)

    dang.. I cant think. I know ive won a ton of other stuff.
    Oh.. just remebered
    Ive goten some promo posters from the SW league when I used to play the card game (the recent one)
    I didnt really win it but a nice lady at KB gave me a big vertical vinal poster of ani/vader that hung in the door.
    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: What have you won in a contest, or raffle?

    various crap, blah blah blah.

    but the prime thing i've won was a football autographed by ALL of the San Francisco 49's from the year they won the superbowl, i believe it was 89. I wonder how much $$ I could get for that
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    Re: What have you won in a contest, or raffle?

    Let's see....$10 from Pepsi when they had that contest for TPM,however much I've won with scratch-offs,$200 at a casino,$50 for an on-line contest for BBTS,and when I was a youngster a bike at a county fair raffle and much more stuff that would take too long to list.

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    I won a nice bottle of schmitt sohne riesling tonight!

    Time for a date with my woman!
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    I won $80 on a scratch off lottery ticket! I might be able to pay my gas bill this month!
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    I won a $25 giftcard to Pizza Hut the other day.
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    I've won a few things here and there.

    • A Tootsie Roll Bank filled with Tootsie Rolls for a 2nd. grade spelling contest
    • A science fair shirt for my 3rd grade class project.
    • Two free movie tickets to a Super Saver Cinema in school drawing.
    • A stuffed generic "pound puppy" dog in a school drawing.
    • $300 Savings Bond from Bettsy Ross' decendent's "What America means to me" essay contest that I entered in the 8th grade.
    • A metal shelled PC protector backpack, Zilo shirt, posters, etc. for a college TV trivia challenge.
    • Another metal shelled PC protector backpack, Zilo shirt, posters, etc. for another college TV trivia challenge.
    • Another Zilo shirt, calculator, wooden back massager, mouse pad, sticky note pad, stress ball, posters, etc. for yet another college TV trivia challenge. (At this point they said not to play anymore as I was winning on a week to week basis - I was just doing it so my name would appear on the TV in between shows. )
    • An Ohio University shirt in a raffle after an outdoor movie.
    • A glass jar filled with Smarties from a trivia thing at a college event.
    • An Emperor's Code shirt from Hasbro's "Break the Emperor's Code" game.
    • A Jakk's Pacific "Darth Vader" ROTS TV Game Controller from this site, SSG.

    That is all I can think of off the top of my head.
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