After I won a CD six pack of new music, I began to think of other things that I had won during my 40 years here on Earth. Like I mentioned I won a CD six pack of new music which included Seether, the Offspring, Static X, Disturbed, and two others. Other things I have won that I can remember:

Radio Station call in contests:
Rush concert tickets
ZZ Top concert tickets
Black Crowes concert tickets
Coleco PacMan game

Fast Food:
Two Tusken Raider mugs
various food prizes

Various other contest winnings:
Obi Wan Kenobi mug (Star Wars fan club creativity contest 1980 or 81)
$100 worth of Star Wars figures on Hasbro's online contest 2 yrs ago

I'm sure I'll think of more that I didn't post. So what have you won during your lifetime?