Okay, so today I'm at work listening to the radio station called "the Loop" 97.9 WLUP here in Chicago. I'm building a bike, and after the morning D.J. ends his shift at 10, they have 10 songs in a row. The mid shift D.J., Erin Carmen, gives you three clues for the days category, and you have to guess what the item is, as well as give the three clues. Today's category was T.V. show, and the three clues were sitcom, Chicago, and Bundy. I had the answer, and I was debating on calling since the prize is a concert, on my Birthday. I decided to call in, and I was fumbling with my cell phone, kept passing by the pre set phone number for the station. I finally got it, and the phone immediately starts ringing. Then Erin picks up the phone, and I started trembling. I was the 15th caller, and I had to repeat the three clues, plus have the correct answer, which was "Married with Children". I won a pair of tickets to see "Kid Rock" at the Sears center in Hoffman estates. The concert just happens to be on my birthday, May 23rd. One prize winner this week, gets to go backstage and meet kid rock, and have their picture taken with him. Freaking awesome. I'm not a huge Kid Rock fan, but I will enjoy the show. (I hope)