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    Okay, so today I'm at work listening to the radio station called "the Loop" 97.9 WLUP here in Chicago. I'm building a bike, and after the morning D.J. ends his shift at 10, they have 10 songs in a row. The mid shift D.J., Erin Carmen, gives you three clues for the days category, and you have to guess what the item is, as well as give the three clues. Today's category was T.V. show, and the three clues were sitcom, Chicago, and Bundy. I had the answer, and I was debating on calling since the prize is a concert, on my Birthday. I decided to call in, and I was fumbling with my cell phone, kept passing by the pre set phone number for the station. I finally got it, and the phone immediately starts ringing. Then Erin picks up the phone, and I started trembling. I was the 15th caller, and I had to repeat the three clues, plus have the correct answer, which was "Married with Children". I won a pair of tickets to see "Kid Rock" at the Sears center in Hoffman estates. The concert just happens to be on my birthday, May 23rd. One prize winner this week, gets to go backstage and meet kid rock, and have their picture taken with him. Freaking awesome. I'm not a huge Kid Rock fan, but I will enjoy the show. (I hope)
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    I won a date with Slicker's Mom.

    I turned the winning ticket over to the state, so they could use it to execute criminals.

    (What? There ain't a single Slicker's Mom joke in this thread yet, with 149 posts.)
    And some lucky doctor won the "honor" of giving you a shot.

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    I won $100.00 on a scratch ticket two weeks ago.

    Today I won 3rd place in my Wal*Mart costume contest. We took pictures of everyone (employees) who dressed up, and then voted on the best costume from that. I won a $10 gift card which I will use to buy Star Wars trinkets!
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    While I did not get my own trophy for it, my A-Team group won 2nd place in our city's recent Founders Day parade for Best Interpretation of Theme. Did get a nifty lime green participation ribbon, though!
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    Just for signing up for the local mall's monthly newsletter, pair of diamond earings, cultured pearl earings and cultured pearl necklace from one of the jewlery store (total value was ~750). Yep, I was 2nd. No clue what first was, but hey, handed over the papers/redemption certificates I was sent and got my wife's birthday and christmas presents.
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    I just won another $100 on a scratch lottery ticket this morning. I must have a guardian angel looking out for me. I have been low on cash, and slightly behind on my bills, then to top it off, my car blew it's power steering pressure hose, so I just paid $180.00 to have that repaired. I was feeling like I was going to fall apart finacially this month. I had to stop at a 7-eleven this morning to get my son some lunch money, plus cash to repay my wife for the money she lent me for the car repairs. I bought my son a coffee and decided to get one of my favorite scratch tickets. Low and behold, I was a winner! That will ease the pain a little.
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    my wife was listening to WPLJ a few weeks ago around 6:15am and they had a contest for the 20th caller to win tickets to see Meatloaf in concert in Asbury Park so she was able to get through and we saw the Loaf perform...great concert.

    the only time I won a contest was a Star Wars Trivia contest a few years ago at the Freehold Mall. they asked questions like something in a spelling bee and I won a copy of the Star Wars Encyclopedia for first prize. Yippie.
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    At a local community during a 4th of July celebration, I won a limo trip to an casino in a raffle. I could take 7 other people with me, so I gathered up some of my friends. we loaded down the limo with "refreshments" and headed on up to the Ft. Randall Casino. It was a good trip. I actually left the place with more money than when I went in.

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    back in 1983, I won the soundtrack (on vinyl) for Return of the Jedi, as well as 2 tickets to see the movie from a local record store

    I usually win my money back when trying my luck at the scratch-off tickets, but one time I did win the maximum prize of $444
    it was just $6 short of paying my rent that month

    but that was a long time ago, in a place far far away
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