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    Looking for Republic Gunship

    Have these come out already??? I can only find the Arc 170. If anyone knows were there hitting, let me know.

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    Re: Looking for Republic Gunship

    Ohh yea... theyve been out since April. But I have yet to see one. Try wal mart or KB's website- theyve had it before, but idk if its sold out or not.
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    Re: Looking for Republic Gunship

    I myself havent seen one of these either. Just the mid size vehicles and an ARC-170
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    Re: Looking for Republic Gunship

    Yea... I still see an occasional ARC- which surprises me because I think that people would be tired of the gunship by now (even though it is awesome) and they would already have one (heck i got two- the regular and the CW one) Im surprised that the arc doesnt move faster..
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    Re: Looking for Republic Gunship

    The ARC isn't in the film very much. And I'm not very impressed with the toy actually. I haven't seen it in person (I have seen gunships - Ireland) but from what I've seen of it in the Rebelscum archives I think it looks stupid.

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    Re: Looking for Republic Gunship

    Just received my gunship from

    It's awesome. Haven't seen any at retail in L.A. though.

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    Re: Looking for Republic Gunship

    The only place that I've seen these at retail is Suncoast. I've seen them online for $30 though so you may want to check out several of them.
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    Re: Looking for Republic Gunship

    I think stores cut back on the gunships because the last two versions sat around warming the floor. They probalby thought that it would be the same case again.
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