View Poll Results: Which movie has the best high-speed chase?

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  • Ep 1: the Boonta Eve Classic podrace

    54 12.56%
  • Ep 2: pursuing Zam Wesell through Coruscant

    34 7.91%
  • Ep 3: chasing General Grievous on Utapau

    17 3.95%
  • Ep 4: the Death Star trench battle

    80 18.60%
  • Ep 5: the Millennium Falcon's escape in the asteroid field

    94 21.86%
  • Ep 6: the Endor speeder bike chase

    151 35.12%
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    Re: Which Star Wars Movie Has The Best High-Speed Chase?

    I was actually thinking about this thread before I went to bed this morning (I know, I know I'm pathetic) and the reason why I think I like the asteroid field chase is because of the music. John Williams really hit the nail on the head with that one. The high notes and the feeling in the music are one of my fav parts of the movie.
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    Re: Which Star Wars Movie Has The Best High-Speed Chase?

    I said the Pod race because my impression of it was that they took the intensity of the speederbike chase of EPS 6 and took it up several notches and improved upon them. I laugh everytime the pods wiz by those 2 jawas.
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    Re: Which Star Wars Movie Has The Best High-Speed Chase?

    I voted for the speeder bike chase. It was always my favorite as a kid. In close second for me is the speeder chase in AOTC. I thought is was very fast paced and energetic at times.
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