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    Originally posted by Deckard Smith
    First of all, how do you make a signature line?

    Second, I was hoping you could all submit ideas for a signature line for me, and I would choose the best one. Sort of like a contest.
    Be afraid, be very afraid.
    The Truth Is Out There - Please Insert Disk 1

    -Yeah, shes mine

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    my sl is from Playing God. In the movie David Duchovny is standing on the beach and he asks Timothy Hutton "Are you going to hurt me?" and its just really funny the way Hutton answers him and Duchovny says "I'm just trying to plan my day." leaving Hutton with this "oh" look on his face, hehee.
    The Truth Is Out There - Please Insert Disk 1

    -Yeah, shes mine

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    Main Screen Turn On.... Try linking to if it's still up, you will see where Jonna's "ZIG" is from
    I change mine too much, if you must have explanations, just PM me. I PROBABLY know what they mean!
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Zig for Every Zag...or something!

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    People keep asking me about some Bill person, but I don't know what they are talking about.

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    Somebody set up us the bomb.
    Star Wars : The Arcade Game (Atari 2600) World Champion

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    you cannont survive make your time.

    well, i've added something to mine recently. a tribute to a fallen personality...
    Nachos are the right of all sentient beings.

    The guns... They've stopped!
    - Dan Akroyd, Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope

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    I'M DEAD! Don't you get it!?!
    This announcement has been brought to you by a generous grant from the Ranting Jonna Foundation
    "Helping to improve your life through nonsensical ravings for over 35 years"

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    Truth, Justice, and the American Way....
    Sounds like Superman!!
    "You know I love the guy but I swear he writes like freaking Yoda."-Dean Winchester
    R12:2-Be Transformed


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