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    Twitter! Help!!!


    Anyone here know anyone at all that works at the San Francisco headquarters of Twitter Inc?

    I know you'll be like "yeah whatever!", but for the past 2 years I've actually had a BILLION dollar idea to help make Twitter profitable! And I haven't been able to get my Idea to anyone at all who works there let alone any executive officers. Not even the Janitor!

    If you don't follow the markets like I do... you might not understand how but ...No; Twitter has never been a profitable company as of today! The next earnings report is Feb 10th, we'll see if they break their streak, but I doubt it.

    Back to my question, It's been so impossible to get ahold of anyone there that I'm thinking about going out to San Fran and literally banging on their front door! Sure that will go over well!

    I'd apply for a job there but I'm not a tech guy and have no tech or programming skills of any kind so don't think my credentials would even been considered! Actually didn't think about applying for a Janitors position just to get my foot in the door. Maybe 2moro. but what I have done is.....

    I've sent (.@)tweets to every corporate executive and board member past and present that I know of!
    I've emailed some of them aswell.
    I've sent tweets and emails to some of their main/core investors like Chris Sacca and HRH(His Royal Highness) Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal
    I've sent messages through Twitters' intra-website Investor portal, no joke, at least 100 times over the past 2 years!
    I've called Financial shows like CNBCs/Jim Cramers' 'Mad Money' asking how best way to get a hold of anyone there.
    I'm even desperate enough to make posts like this one on totally unrelated websites, in case that 1 person who might happen to see it and be able to help a brother out.

    Unfortunately I couldn't take all the Cr*p on Facebook anymore and closed my account about 3-4 years ago, so cant go that route.

    I'm thinking about taking a side trip to St Louis to Square headquarters(Jack Dorsey) thinking it might be easier to get into there, than Twitter! After that I might actually just go out to company headquarters and literally hand out flyers to everyone I see walk into the building. Call me Crazy, call me a stalker, but the way my luck/life has unfolded for the past 10+ years, when Billions of dollars are at stake, I will go to the ends of the Earth to get this done!

    Just asking for a little help please!

    To protect myself, I have made a submission for the IPRs(Intellectual Proprety rights) on my Idea so I actually have some leverage if I ever do get the chance to present my Idea to anyone worth hearing it.

    So can anyone here help me?

    Anyone here work at Twitter? Live in and around SF or might know someone who does?
    Anyone know anyone at all, that might even know someone who knows someone that knows a great uncle who knows someone, let me know. Please! and Thank You! and MTFBWY All... Always! Brent. The 'Xir

    I don't "tweet" much at all, but if ya wanna follow me on twitter ya can @TheXir ThanX again!
    "What happens in Indy STAYS in Indy!".
    "The only thing you have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to you".

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    NO?! NO ONE?!! No one at all?!!! It's OK.
    Twitter will soon be sold off, taken over, or just languish to under $10/share. But, You would think a company who is so desperate to turn a profit might actually take a chance and at least listen to what a crazy, maybe insignificant, guy from Syracuse has to say. It's not like I've been sitting on this Idea for 2+ years! <dripping with sarcasm]
    Wall St. has been so desperately wanting to hear any good news out of Twitter Inc that even if TWTR reported that they literally only made a DIME of profit, the stock would absolutely skyrocket! I know my Idea would at least do that. Might not totally turn the Company around but I never said it would. Making a profit would be a nice first step, baby steps right?

    However, Twitter's earnings report came out today and its pretty much the same sad story. Their Ad revenue may have increased but their user base has shrunk, which may actually be scarier than not making money!

    The Verge..:
    Twitter’s earnings report shows its user base is shrinking

    TWTR earnings report covered by The Verge

    by CNBC


    It’s a big day for Twitter. While still scrambling to recover from the late-January departure of four key execs, the company began rolling out their controversial algorithmic timeline today, and, this afternoon, also announced quarterly fiscal fourth-quarter earnings for 2015.

    The beleaguered company posted fiscal fourth-quarter earnings for 2015, reporting revenue of $710 million and a net loss of $90 million. Compared to the same quarter last year, revenue grew by 90 percent, while net losses shrunk by 27 percent. Twitter said its base of advertisers swelled to 130,000, up 90 percent from the year before.
    These numbers bested Wall Street expectations, but unfortunately, while the financials improved, Twitter's active user base was flat to negative...
    "What happens in Indy STAYS in Indy!".
    "The only thing you have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to you".


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