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    My name is JARGO, Lucas stole it and now some lame character is masquerading as me. JANGO? Not JARGO? Oops... my bad...
    OBI-WAN: "You're clones are very impressive. You must be very proud."
    JANGO: "Oooh, thank you sweety. You like their outfits, aren't they just devine? We all shop at GAP. I just canít get enough of those ravishing colors! What do you think of this blue number Ė does my bum look big in this...?"
    ENDORSEMENT - Anakin Skywalker says: "Remember kids - guns are bad but slicing and cutting people into little chunks with a big sword is KEWL!"

    My current one (S) are to do with how i see the character of jango Fett being totally useless and pointlessin the saga other than to show where Boba came from needlessly. Also the way they made his armour different to Boba's when it should have been the same if Boba chooses to wear it throughout the rest of the saga. I just felt the need to have a little pop at the silliness of it.
    I aso think Lucas stole my name..... damn the man! Yeah like just changing one letter is gonna throw me off the scent!

    I also think the way the Jedi mete out punishment and pretend it's for the sake of good to just dessimate people and disembowel and mutilate and dismember with grizzly abandon, is setting a really good example to kids about how using swords is cool. There's so much death and destruction in star wars that it's become a numb experience to watch all the death and disfigurement. I find it odd that people celebrate having characters beheaded as somehow cool. But I just thought it would be funny to have Anakin endorse swords.

    And I think that keeping carded toys is a bad thing for your health and people should unwind their minds and stop trying to be so damn grown up and start learning how to play again. Let the play be free is a double edged meaning thing. Let it free from the confines of repression and let it be free as in far ranging and imaginative. Which is also a message to Hasbro to stop dictating how we play with our toys.

    I'm awaitig inspiration before I go changing my signature line.

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    I chose mine cause 2pac just is a legend and will last "until the end of time"...
    Until The End Of Time...
    - Tupac Shakur, RIP

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    Yeah, but which 2pac - the ewoks or the ugnaughts?

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    Don't forget the Jawas!

    No, the ignorant rapper that was supposedly killed.

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    Originally posted by DeadEye
    No, the ignorant rapper that was supposedly killed.
    Supposedly!?! You don't also have Elvis sightings, do you?

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    It was a line in one of my poems i wrote.
    "It takes more than one step to go the extra mile for someone"

    Good Sellers:


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    I like Ketchup...what else can I say?

    All your base
    Are belong to us!

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    My current one:

    "Don't stop, baby, dreamin'"
    "Don't stop, baby, lovin'"
    "Don't stop, babe, believin'"
    "Don't stop, baby, dreamin'"
    "Don't stop, baby, lovin'"
    "Don't stop, babe, believin'"
    ...Watashi ga iru koto o.
    Itsudatte soba ni iru yo.
    is a song quote from an Anime I like. It means "Don't forget that I'm here. I'll always be by your side"
    [SIZE=1]"Don't stop, baby, dreamin'"
    "Don't stop, baby, lovin'"
    "Don't stop, babe, believin'"
    "Don't stop, baby, dreamin'"
    "Don't stop, baby, lovin'"
    "Don't stop, babe, believin'"
    ...Watashi ga iru koto o.
    Itsudatte soba ni iru yo.[/SIZE]

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    First of all, how do you make a signature line?

    Second, I was hoping you could all submit ideas for a signature line for me, and I would choose the best one. Sort of like a contest.

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    Uh....WOW! Welcome Back!

    may I suggest:

    "Help! I'm Trapped in the Internet!"

    For a signature line, click on USER CP in the upper right hand corned and then click on Edit Options.
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