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    ROTS Edition Sizes

    Does anyone know what the edition sizes (total production run) are for any of 2005 ROTS Limited Edition repilcas? I've been searching eveywhere. There are tons of ROTS lightsaber hilts on Ebay, but not one list this information.

    I checked out because they recently published photo archives for Darth Sidious, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi lighsabers (very nice BTW). The site did not list the total edition size for each item. It's also strange that the metal plaque ONLY lists the number of the replica you own. In the past, MR put the edition size on this plaque as well, such as 1345/1500.

    Anyone know why this was done? Did MR not want to commit to a concrete production size? Seem a bit mysterious. Also probably frustrating to a hardcore collector who purchases replicas for investment value.

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    Re: ROTS Edition sizes?

    I beleive the answer to your questions are that the ROTS LE lightsabers are all "open ended". Meaning that MR will disclose the final edition size once the demand for these LE's dies down enough. As of now, the demand is still there thus MR is making more of them as needed. The edition size was not put on ANY of the 2005 plaques not even the Luke ANH EE.

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    Re: ROTS Edition sizes?

    Quote Originally Posted by nash
    I beleive the answer to your questions are that the ROTS LE lightsabers are all "open ended". Meaning that MR will disclose the final edition size once the demand for these LE's dies down enough. As of now, the demand is still there thus MR is making more of them as needed. The edition size was not put on ANY of the 2005 plaques not even the Luke ANH EE.
    It's actually not a bad idea but the problem with that is you never know when the demand will ever go up. Like now, I know that if they release another Windu hilt, they will sell like hot cakes! Or if they re-release the obi-wan weathered. Which they really should do....hint hint.
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    Re: ROTS Edition sizes?

    I think nash is on about MR eventually disclosing the edition sizes after the line has died down. My Sidious lightsaber just says "Limited Edition 1503"

    It used to be that you could even see the status of the replica sales on MR's old website. Which I thought was pretty cool.
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    Re: ROTS Edition sizes?

    There are a lot of things Master Replicas has changed that I personally don't like. The non-disclosed production run is one of them. I am lucky enough to have gotten really low numbers on both the Obi-Wan & Sidious sabers ( #0007 & #0029[ I think it is 29] respectively, but I still would like to know the production run. I don't like how they didn't have any signed editions, especially since I purposely waited to get one signed piece and wanted it to be Ewan McGregor. I don't like how they no longer email you the day Collector Society's members get their first crack at new items. They still email you a few days before, but they used to do both, and they always included an easy link to go to so you could see the new items. I have had no luck being able to bring up the new items on their release date just by going to their site anymore. I think even though they have gotten bigger, they have also gotten less user friendly in some regards. And I too miss the sales progress meter they used to have for items.

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    Re: ROTS Edition sizes?

    I agree. I apologize for my attitude, but I just think the non-disclosed edition size is a cheap way to continue selling a product until interest dies down.

    They say "limited edition", but what does that mean anymore? Every product that any company produces is technically a "limited edition" unless they manufacture it forever. Production will eventually end at some point.

    Obviously, MR can maximize profits with this new business model, but it is doesn't seem to sit well with me. On one hand, everyone who wants the replica will have the opportunity to own it. That's cool because I know I'm still mad at myself for not purchasing a few select prized replicas when they were originally available on MR's Web site.

    I know it's kind of a moot point, but I just think it was cool knowing that you own ONE of only 1500 pieces.

    I guess that's why I also enjoyed the little progress meter on MRs old Web site design. It actually was brilliant because I'd end up buying something just to be sure that I would have one. It's also fun racing to my computer to order a limited edition product as soon as it goes on sale to try to get a low number. MR's new marketing strategy of a "secret" edition size doesn't really give me that sense of urgency.

    Okay, I'm done with my rant... move along... move along...

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    Re: ROTS Edition sizes?

    I would be more ok with the production run issue if, when the run is over, they at least email you a certificate telling you your number (again) and the production run. I haven't had any of my Ep III items cease production yet, so I don't know exactly what their approach is. I do remember the email announcing the last day of Yoda's production run, but not sure what they did, if anything, after it was completed. I do think the issues with no Ep III signed pieces and the more difficult or complicated way of ordering the new items online for Society members is much more of a long term problem. But again, that is my opinion.

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    Re: ROTS Edition sizes?

    Amy said that we will be able to download and print out a PDF file that has the production run on it and I have no idea what else. This is for all 2005 LE's and the Luke ANH EE. I myself am not too fond of this, however its been said that it will be "very cool" looking. so lets just wait and see...i guess these will be released once each production run is known by MR.

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    Re: ROTS Edition sizes?

    It seems that ever since MR got thier new CEO most of the good things about MR changed. I really enjoyed the little inventory meter that was on the site. It also seems that the customer care over the phone went down hill as well. They seem totally ignorant. i.e, telling people that the Luke EE had a crystal in the hilt. I don't buy my MR's to sell later on down the road, but it makes me feel good when I see something that I have bought go up in value. That is exactly what the true limited editions did. This open ended crap just does not sit well with me at all. Its kinda hard to see a Han Solo Blaster go for less that $350 on e-bay when I paid $499 for mine. thier product still kicks a s s, I just don't like the changes they have made. just an opinion.
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    Re: ROTS Edition sizes?

    MR will be issuing a second plaque for the ANH EE with the edition size on it and the edition size will be on the Obi-Wan TPM EE. In terms of the LEs I'm sure the Obi-Wan and Anakin ROTS edition sizes will be enormous but if you have a low number it makes a little more endearing...

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