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    Obi-Wan's blue Utapau Jedi Starfighter pic!

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    Re: Obi-Wan's blue Utapau Jedi Starfighter pic!

    You've got to be kidding me!!!! a crappy repaint yet again and no #56 Obi what the hell!!! It is now official Hasbro can suck my lightsaber

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    Re: Obi-Wan's blue Utapau Jedi Starfighter pic!

    Can't get enough Jedi Starfighters. Hope this isn't exclusive.

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    Re: Obi-Wan's blue Utapau Jedi Starfighter pic!

    This is a disapointment. Hasbro should have included the upcoming Obi-Wan Pilot figure! I'm passing on this set for sure. The regular Obi-Wan starfighter is MUCH better.
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    Re: Obi-Wan's blue Utapau Jedi Starfighter pic!

    Well, we had a Sergeant (Green) Jedi Starfighter, a Captain (Red) Jedi Starfighter, and a Commander (Yellow) Jedi Starfighter. I guess we all should have seen the pattern developing and been expecting the Blue (Sergeant) one. Actually I think it will be cool to have one for each color of the clone leaders and I will get an extra of each just to display with the clones in them and be Hasbro's dream consumer (NOT!).

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    Talking Re: Obi-Wan's blue Utapau Jedi Starfighter pic!

    Hey!!! I resemble those remarks........Figure the Obi Wan Starfighter at Amazon/TRU will be Obiwan's

    Only reason I bought the Anakin is because I had a discount coupon.
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    Re: Obi-Wan's blue Utapau Jedi Starfighter pic!

    Why are so many people haing on these ships? These are defiately my favorite starfighters of the whole saga. I got the green one to put a Clone Wars Saesee Tinn in it, and it looks awesome. I'd love to see a purple one for Mace Windu.

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    Re: Obi-Wan's blue Utapau Jedi Starfighter pic!

    To paraphrase Luke Skywalker from TESB "There's something famliar about this toy."

    In Hasbro's defense these various colors were all in the movie, and are army builders, so no real complaints here except for the no #56 Obi-Wan pilot thing.

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    Re: Obi-Wan's blue Utapau Jedi Starfighter pic!

    I dont know whether i want this one (blue is my favorite color) or if i should get the first Obi Wans Jedi starfighter. Im leaning towards this one since it has an Obi Wan with it, though that would make buying the upcoming Obi wan somewhat pointless. Decisions, decisions. Go for it and make Hasbro think i like this stuff, or go for the ship that doesnt have the cooler paint scheme?
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    Re: Obi-Wan's blue Utapau Jedi Starfighter pic!

    I Swear You Guys Are Neve Happy. Why Dont They Make All The Color Ones, Wah. Now That You Get Them You Cry. I Wish None Of The Ships Came With Pilots. They Make Them On Card So I Can Buy Who I Want To Pilot It.of Course Its Going To Be The Same Mold,yes It Would Be Nice If They Fit The Figures Better But At Least You Are Getting A Diffferent Ones. As Far As I Am Concerned They Can Make Every Color Under The Sun And I Will Buy The Ships And Clones For That Matter. Just More Ships For All The Jedi I Do Not See A Problem Here,stop Youre Crying.


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