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    star wars tv show figures CONFIRMED!!!!

    The Hasbro Promotions And Distribution Man Came Into My Brothers Toys R Us Today As Per His 2x A Week Visit No I Will Not Say The Store Location What Time Or His Name Im Not Getting Him Fired He Told Me And My Brother Who Works There And Gets Me My Goodies I Quote "the Live Action Series Is Between 3 And 4 (which Most Of Us Knew Anyway) And It Will Feature Vader And Boba Fett He Confirmed Daniel Logan Is Playing Him And Someone Else He Didnt Say Who Is Playing Vader And Will Feautre Alot Of Bounty Hunters And Hasbro Is Currently Developing Prototypes Of The Figures Based On Concept Art From Lucasfilm. For Those Who Dont Believe Me I Cant Help It I Heard It From The Horses Mouth So Take Care All And May The Force Be With You:d

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    Re: star wars tv show figures CONFIRMED!!!!

    The only problem with Hasbro reps is that they are mainly there to stock shelves and make sure that the product is being displayed the right way and is in regulation to what Hasbro sends out as to their display packet. Most of the reps don't know the design dept or what's going on. Plus half of the design reps come from the NY showroom.
    I doubt that this rep is any different from the others. I know this because I applied once to be a Hasbro Rep at the showroom in NY and during the interview the lady who interviewed me asked what I hope to gain out of my working experience with Hasbro. When I explained that I was going to FIT for Toy Design and was hoping that perhaps I might be able to meet with some of the designers and share some of my designs and ideas, she said that reps almost never come into contact with the design dept.
    I didn't get the job but from what I heard from other reps working in TRU, Target and Walmart they confirmed the same thing, Design and Rep never meet.
    I hope Hasbro does release figures based on the TV series, it might be the only thing close to EU we will see.
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    Re: star wars tv show figures CONFIRMED!!!!

    I'll guarantee that Hasbro will release figs from the TV show. It'll keep the line afloat for several years then when the show ends they'll go back to making the normal figs for several years then they'll be stuck for the next 10 years.
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    Re: star wars tv show figures CONFIRMED!!!!

    of course you applied to be a hasbro rep it was right after elvis joind the four tops and madonna married bubbles he said it i believe him your opinion matters to me about as much as seinfeld -----not a half a drop. he said lucas film signed a hundred epioode deal the main characters are gonna be vader fett tarkin a yong han and emperor. so what ever planet you live on where you applied to be a hasbro rep is fine whatever elseworld it was he wasnt from the ny showroom either plus anything we cant find in stores he brings in for us including the 2 cases of holograph yodas. so have a good night and remember your medication ok?

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    Re: star wars tv show figures CONFIRMED!!!!

    Going off of this info. it could make for an intersting show.

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    Re: star wars tv show figures CONFIRMED!!!!

    I agree, if these are the characters, then it will be a great run. 100 episodes is too little with these guys in it. Hopefully a young Dengar will be in it. DEN-G
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