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    Walmart and their ROTS inventory

    This question goes out to the WM employee who used to post the OTC inventory for a few members who used to ask him to.

    Do you know what is going on with WM's inventory of ROTS figs? Is it just a lull right now or is WM actually actually cutting back on inventory. I have not found a WM that has restocked in the past month or so in the Sacramento area. Seems like they have nothing to put out.

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    Re: Walmart and their ROTS inventory

    What inventory do you mean the two figures of the wookie warrior, one unleashed anakin and one kenobi saber...........oh and that isle of nothing but Vader voice changers Yeah i was wondering what the deal is with WM lately. Can't get anything good there, was there yesterday and they just took down the ROTS display and were putting up stuff for Spiderman 2. Was finally able to see a Doc Oc figure for the first time.
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    Re: Walmart and their ROTS inventory

    oh great, now their taking down the ROTS displays too? More super heros? WTF IS THIS!!??!?!

    I dunno...Im at work...its driving me insane...

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    Re: Walmart and their ROTS inventory

    Same here, nothing new in a month. Same goes for Target too, and I won't even talk about ToysrUs. I have seen nothing since the Tarkin wave, no clone three packs of any color, nothing new anywhere. And yet depending where you live, some people have been lucky enough to get everything. Haven't seen a 500 Vader either.

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    Re: Walmart and their ROTS inventory

    I have an aquaintance with whom I work with. He told me that he just got the whole new wave #46-#52 or whatever. I asked him where he found his figures. My friend tells me that someone from Wal Mart gave him a call and that was it. He bought the whole case. I still have not found the Tarkin wave. It really sucks when I hear stories like this. I asked him to sell me the doubles he had, but my friend tells me that he would probably trade them! What the heck is going on here? This is not right. People have hook ups and that leaves other people out in the cold with their figures.

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    Re: Walmart and their ROTS inventory

    i work at walmart.

    as far as my store, i'm in the same situation you're in. we have had very few star wars action figures arrive in the last month. i've seen a few of the deluxe assortment, but no basic action figures in a long time.

    i can't tell you exact dates or numbers for your specific store, but i can tell you what the stores are doing in general. obviously, the star wars toys are not being reordered as much because the movie hype has passed... and as you probably know, fantastic four is currently taking over as the main feature for action figures. star wars will not be eliminated or anything like that. in fact, you can expect the section to grow as christmas approaches. exactly how much it grows varies from store to store will depend on how well they sold over summer and how well your store managers think they will sell this time.

    speak to your toy department manager ... say you want more star wars toys ... it might help, it might not, but it certainly won't hurt. at my store, our electronic lightsabers sold out everytime we got them, people kept asking for more, so we ordered alot more and now the shelves are fully stocked with them.
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    Re: Walmart and their ROTS inventory

    they were condensing the isle here too and i was able to score 2 of the SW display boards! yea.

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    Re: Walmart and their ROTS inventory

    It's the same here, which is bad since WM is my primary source for new product. I was thinking WM may be preparing to change the mod for the coming holiday season before replenishing inventory.

    With the current economic depression, retailers may be pushing to begin the holiday shopping season, their most profitable time of year, even earlier. Back to school stuff is out now and I'm sure I'll start seeing Halloween and christmas decor in a few weeks.
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    Re: Walmart and their ROTS inventory

    Ok, first off Jaff posted that he couldnt post info like that anymore and really has not posted since, so I think this thread is not going to be answered.

    The problem is that alot of WM's overordered for 4/2. They are sitting on merch that everyone has right now. Hasbro doesnt help by kepping on shipping out the same figs in later asst's. Until those move they arent gonna get new stock in. As they sell right now, they are shrinking the section down. It might take awhile, but new stuff will hit.

    I was talking with a Toy manager tonight and he informed me that most of the stuff will keep on shipping through Christmas. This is what the rep told him. So all these pegwarmers might not be clearanced until after CHristmas. But keep in mind that in AUgust alot of stores do their Christmas resets in toys, so you might find new stuff then. Keep your chins up and happy hunting.
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    Re: Walmart and their ROTS inventory

    I just want to add a few comments about this issue that I know about. I may not work at Walmart but I have studied their inventory control procedures as they are the world class leader when it comes to the inventory and traffic control area. That being said this is how it goes.
    Wal-Marts has a computerized system that automatically reorders POSSIBLE inventory as current inventory is depleting throughout the country. Say you live in a store without a lot of Star Wars shoppers then the inventory goes by slowly so they do not replenish for your area as fast. Larger urban areas with a lot of toys hunters can have the opposite happen then get overstocked if the demand decreases unexpectedly.
    Unfortunatley right now the key word in the above statement was POSSIBLE inventory. As of 07-16-05 Hasbro / Lucas Ent. are ending their lease for shelf space for the Star Wars toys. What that means is all the store area sectioned off for them and them only is now being given back to the stores for other uses. Thus the removal of the displays and such. (Speaking of those displays, those of you stating you got them from the stores should keep it under your hat. This year Lucas Ent. told ALL retailers that they were to strictly return and or destoy all store displays or face charge backs for items unaccounted for.)
    This does not mean they will not carry Star Wars figures at all. It just means there will be a delay for a few days until their computer system kicks in and mantains inventory control once again without Hasbro interventions. The same goes for Target and all other retailers give or take a day or two on the lease issues. You will soon see all the displays coming down and the inventories condensing across the board.
    The figures are out there though. Sitting in some warehouse just waiting for all of us suckers that love every item we can get our hands on. I can only guess but I say by middle of August everyone should find everything they want with the exception of the exclusives.


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